The Adventures of Tin Tin

One of the first comic books I’ve ever read was Hergé’s “The Adventures of Tin-Tin” series. My uncle, who is merely six years older than I, had a collection of Tin-Tin comics. These books were among the ones that I read when we’d visit them in San Andres. My tito was my playmate, Tin-Tin was one of the things we bonded over.

In the years that passed, Tin-Tin became a family favorite. My younger siblings would read them too, and we also were able to get our hands on another Hergé work, “Mr. Pump’s Legacy”. The stories of Tin-Tin, Jo and Zetté were fun and adventurous. It fueled our imaginations and we’d pretend that we were treasure hunters too.

Flash forward to today. After the comics and the cartoon series, there is now a movie. I never really wondered if there would be a Tin-Tin movie because the animated series in itself was good enough thanks to the action packed, fast paced episodes. But after hearing the news that Steven Spielberg was making one… well, why not?

And the fun part? It’s my favorite story arc: The Secret of the Unicorn and Red Rackham’s Treasure. I can’t wait for December. 🙂