Your Search Queries Answered

One of the fascinating things about having a blog is seeing the search terms that come up on your site’s stats. I’ve seen this before with Google Analytics when I was still using Blogger, and even with Lijit stats. Now, it’s doubly fun because I get all sorts of interesting search terms.

I’ve picked the top search terms for yesterday and today, as well as my favorites from this week.

casa san miguel zambales coke bolipata
– I do have one post about Casa San Miguel. Whoever you are searching for this, I hope you read the post. 🙂

where can you buy plates cutlery quiapo
– I don’t know of any specific store, but there’s plenty of stores scattered in the area. Although I would suggest you try Dapitan for cheap plates. I don’t know if they have flatware.

college night classes in baguio
– I’m not sure if there are night classes. Probably for the masters degree classes, but if memory serves me right, it’s just classes that extend, not really night classes.

white plains archery range katipunan ave
– Meron?!?

danggit with pride rice
– Seriously. It’s really “pride”. Baka naman proud sila sa bigas/kanin nila kasi magandang klase to at malinis ang pagkasaing nila? Hmmm.

potipot gateway
– I haven’t really written about this, but I’ve mentioned it in some of my other Candelaria posts. It’s one of the nicer and less crowded resorts in Candelaria, and is quite near Potipot Island. Its boats to the island aren’t the usual banca, but rather a motor boat (and I can’t find other words to describe it, but I think they’re flat bottomed boats). For um, P300 per person, you get a round trip ride to and from Potipot Island, entrance fee, a floater and lots and lots of water to drink. Prices are quite reasonable, and the rooms are spacious and comfortable. There’s also a restaurant there and I’m hoping the service and food is better than the other, more popular resort in the area.

wedding at ayala museum
– I don’t think you can actually get married inside the Ayala Museum. My friend’s had the wedding ceremony somewhere else and we toured the museum as part of the wedding celebrations. There’s a difference.

The other items are pretty ordinary. I wonder what search terms will appear tomorrow? 🙂


  1. lol this is a pretty funny and interesting post; i agree — search terms are hi-fucking-larious 😀 i just never got around to compiling a “best-of-the-best” like this, but i do share particularly guffaw-inducing ones on plurk on a regular basis :DDDDDD

    1. Oh yeah, the ones you post are pretty damn funny! I think I’ll do this on a regular basis. Madaming comedy sa mga search terms. I’m sure you get a whole lot more hahaha.

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