10th ToyCon: Day 1 Report

I wasn’t planning to attend the ToyCon this year, even after my friend Jason mentioned he wanted to go. Then Yue, Rochelle and their friends posted ads for their booths… and they were selling Pinky:St! That cinched it. I called up the usual suspects and made plans to go on the 18th.

From experience, I expected ToyCon to be jampacked. More so this year because one of their sponsors was 99.5 RT and they were advertising the event like crazy. Since I was going to buy stuff, I decided to go early. Also, I decided to submit an entry for the Toy Clicks photo contest, just for the fun of it.

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After submitting my entry, I went to Yue’s booth. There were already a lot of people and I could barely move without being pushed or stepping on someone’s toes. A lot of the people were concentrated at the front area, making the most of the booths selling their wares. Finally, I got to where I needed to be.

Pinky:St. Lots of it. And many rare ones. I wanted to cry because I knew I couldn’t buy all that I wanted. I ended up with three, plus a couple of loose parts and Asuka Langley. My budget was really shot so I had to brave the crowd and find an ATM.

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Fritz was submitting his entry when I went back, and after I paid for my purchases, we went around as best as we could, shooting toys and exhibits. I didn’t get much cosplayers, even though I saw my favorite cosplay team, Tuxedo Team. The sad part of it is that because of the crowd, I couldn’t get near them and got two lousy shots.

The rest of my cohorts arrived. We had lunch, then went back into the madness. I barely had time to talk to them because we kept walking and it was hard to stay together. I didn’t feel like I actually spent time with them, except Joiz who was with me until I had to go.

The opposite end of the spectrum
Now, allow me to rant a bit. I was a little disappointed in the organization of the Toy Clicks contest though. I don’t think me coming in early is a factor for the registration to be a bit scattered. Not to mention that the instructions on the website for the entry submission was a little vague: no mention of whether contestants had to provide their own registration forms or if a copy is available on site.

I was also disheartened at how the entries were displayed. My understanding is that there’s a separate category for the Green Lantern and the open cat. Sadly, up until 4:30 PM, not all of the entries for the open cat were displayed. Worse, the ones displayed wasn’t even arranged by entry number. We kept coming back to see but no go.

On the whole, ToyCon is an experience you shouldn’t miss. While I feel rather jaded when it comes to these events, it’s pretty nice to sometimes just go for kicks. As I mentioned, this by far had the largest number of attendees in any con I’ve ever been to. Folks who weren’t really into any particular comic or animation were there too. There was a wide variety of booths where you can buy all sorts of merchandise that appeal to the geek side of you.

Highlights of Day 1:

  • The Harry Potter booth where Dumbledore and Bellatrix models were hamming it up for the crowd.
  • Sculptures by Jun Asilo and other outstanding artists in the Philippines. Did you see Wolverine and the two Akumas?
  • Tons of Pinky:St figures and loose parts!
  • Tuxedo Team in various costumes but of awesome craftsmanship and accuracy
  • Performance of LuisMetalKid: a cover of Steve Vai’s “Tender Surrender”

I skipped day two. Too tired and financially drained. Here are a few pictures from Day 1. I’ve still got a lot I need to post process, so come back. 🙂

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    1. Let’s start off with a small one then. I only went so I can get the merch I wanted. Or else I would’ve skipped this too. 😀

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