Huling hirit

Summer was still in full swing when Ryan broached the idea of having a picnic-slash-toy shoot at UP Diliman. Unfortunately, our schedules were full that it wasn’t until last Sunday were we able to finally get together. It had rained the days before so we were worried that it might rain on that weekend. Thankfully, the sun was bright and shining, so our picnic plans pushed through.

Joiz, Ryan, Drew and I agreed to meet around 11:30 at Quezon Hall, Oblation. Unfortunately, we all had a mishap or two so we all met up around 1 PM. Joiz brought sandwiches, Ryan had brownies, I got Ilocos Empanada and Drew took care of the drinks. We made our way from Quezon Hall up to the Sunken Garden. Despite the shade of the trees, it was still warm. Later, I learned that June 4 was recorded to be the second hottest day in Manila this 2011. No wonder we were sweating.

So the afternoon was spent eating, drinking (softdrinks and water lang hehe), talking and taking pictures of our toys. Yes, that was a must. We watched a friendly soccer game between folks of two different nationalities, and pretty much just lazed the day away. When the day was ending, we went back to Quezon Hall to take pictures of Oblation, then headed to SM North to cool off.

Last hurrah before the rainy season hits, and how wonderfully timed it was.

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  1. The last day of summer is one of the best “shifts” in life. I like how it’s so warm then the start of the rainy season will whiz by. These days the climate/weather is too schizophrenic for forecasts and comfort but it will always be a great day.

    I love you guys spend your weekends. One day I hope I can come with you and let the kid out. Bringing out the kid in you is so effortless, I am envious. You do it with such ease.

    1. It was wonderful. It was like nature said “OK, this is my last, I’m giving it my all so go enjoy it ok?” 🙂

      Yes! It would be nice if we could all go have one big outing. I think we’ll balance each other out. I’ll help you be a kid, you’ll help me be a wee bit more responsible. 🙂

    1. Onga. Although the Zambales trip is open anytime naman. Kaso given how unpredictable our weather is now, well, good luck to us. At most I can let you guys know when I plan to go and you can tag along. 🙂

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