Thursday Downpour

The rain came upon us suddenly today. Even though it was already drizzling the night before, I don’t think anyone expected it to be like this, despite news reports. With the events of Ondoy still strong in our minds, people couldn’t help but worry at the possible not-so-good scenarios that could arise.

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The way to work wasn’t so bad. It was raining steadily, but the wind was light. I donned my rain boots to get to work and was thankful I did. The roads weren’t flooded but there were a lot of puddles. Some of the people who were also commuting had the hem and even the legs of their pants wet. I can only imagine the germs that they’re dragging to wherever they were going.

The rain didn’t let up the rest of the day. It had gotten even stronger towards the afternoon and evening. When I was ready to go home, it was pouring in torrents. Once again, my boots came to the rescue. I also borrowed my teammate Gio’s jacket, which was effective in helping keep me dry. I tucked my bag inside and made my way to the tricycle stop.

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I made it home safely, and only about 90% damp. It was still raining when I got home, and none of my siblings were home yet. Thankfully, the rain let up about an hour ago, and all my siblings are accounted for (even if one isn’t home yet). Hopefully, no one got caught in the rain. I did hear that my tita’s basement got flooded, but otherwise they’re doing fine. I’m glad.

Friday tomorrow. I think we could all use a break.


    1. Salamat! Although hindi ko naman sila sadyang kinoordinate. I just like my boots.

      Yes, the toys are new haha. Well, just the girl, not Danbo.

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