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Cooked breakfast today: ground lean beef with carrots and broccoli. I wanted asparagus but the grocery didn’t have one. I also prepared my lunch: toasted German Bratwurst with steamed broccoli and carrots on rice.

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The trip to Unionbank seemed successful, so I felt a little bit optimistic that my issue with them would be resolved. Still, I felt a bit down, so I thought I’d go get something to lift my spirits. Two things could make me a little happier: a set of Letraset Aqua Promarkers… or something sweet.

Since the former was out of my budget, I decided to go for the latter. On the way to the bank I spotted the menu of Chuck’s Deli. I skipped the sandwiches and headed to their dessert selection. Under it was “Mamou’s Famous Key Lime Pie”.

Most of you may know about Mamou, the restaurant in Serendra. Not me. I haven’t been there nor have I heard of it (shows you how unadventurous I am when it comes to restaurants… or, how low my budget is hehe). So when I saw the dessert on the menu, I didn’t hestitate to get it, despite the P145 price tag. Yes, one slice costs that much (though I heard it’s P40 more expensive at Mamou’s itself).

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Key Lime Pie is an unusual dessert, at least in this part of the world. Not everyone has heard of it, nor had the opportunity to try one. I’d love to bake one myself (or have my friend Ian do so), but I lack one key equipment: an oven.

I was quick to look for Key Lime Pie recipes, and I didn’t need to look any further than Jun Belen’s blog. His recipe is made with calamansi instead of key limes. How’s that for being truly Pinoy?

So here I am, enjoying my pie and reading about how to make one. Wishful thinking: Someone would gift me a Kitchen Aid mixer and Sub Zero oven. Whohoo.

Speaking of blogs, my new discovery of Jun Belen’s blog was actually through one of the American food blogs I keep track of. The Cupcake Project is a favorite blog of mine, one I saved during the time my cousin and I wanted to create our own cupcakes. Today, I was surprised to see a blog entry from her with the word “Latik” in the title.

To us Pinoys, latik is a familiar word and delicacy. I don’t know if other South East Asian countries use the same word, so I was prepared to comment about it being Pinoy and all that. I was again surprised when I read that she heard about it from a SF based Pinoy blogger. I immediately went to the site and did the happy dance. Jun’s blog is my ideal Pinoy food blog. Not only does he talk about the places he eaten (actually, there really isn’t much reviews on his blog), but he talks about food he’s made and the memories of food as he grew up in Manila. He also shares recipes of honest-to-goodness Filipino food, partnering them with eye-catching photographs.

I’ve added his blog to my RSS feed reader. I look forward to reading more of his posts.


  1. You should really go to Mamou’s and try their food! awesome stuff. Personally, I like kalamansi pies better than key lime pies (yes, I’m biased!), you deserved the treat.

    It would be cool to make cupcakes with latik and coco jam in the middle as a surprise, what do you think?

  2. Thank you, Kat for the mention and for the thoughtful notes in my blog. I get so excited when fellow Pinoys appreciate my blog. Filipino food is so underappreciated outside the Philippines. It’s all up to us to spread the good word about our delicious our food and culture. See you around.

    1. You’re welcome Jun! I’m so surprised that I haven’t seen your blog. To think I’ve been on the lookout for Filipino food blogs for a while now 🙂 Thank you for sharing your wonderful recipes. It’s great to see them being appreciated by people.

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