The Great Singapore Adventure Day 3

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We got up early to wait for the sun to rise. Well, if you can call 6:30 early. By our standards, the sun should’ve been high in the sky by then.

We went for a final dip in pool and spent a few minutes relaxing in the jacuzzi before heading to eat. Breakfast was a hearty meal at the Mediterranean restaurant where we had our breakfast the day before. The Filipno crew greeted us and gave us the best service we could ask for. Our party was seated very near the edge, with a wonderful view of the sea and under the full glare of the sun. Like it or not, I got a tan.

There really wasn’t much to do from here on, so we fixed our things and prepared them for the crew to take off the ship. While we waited for our turn to check out (they had to stamp our passports and we had to pay the whopping tax), we did a final tour around the ship’s shops (again, mostly manned by Pinoys), lounged about at the deck and played bridge.

It felt weird to leave the ship that had been our home and playground for three days. We bid farewell to the friendly and helpful staff and made our way back to terra firma.

New Adventure
We took the MRT to our next destination: our hostel, where we’ll be staying for the remainder of our stay. Sky Orchids Axis is located a short walk from Aljuned Station. I didn’t do any research because I didn’t have an idea where we would be staying until we arrived in Singapore.

The hostel is pretty much like a boarding house. Rooms are mixed, so you’ll never know who your roommate is (something we discovered when we woke up the next morning). It’s great for backpackers or folks who aren’t expecting much from the place, but I wouldn’t recommend it to families or people who have certain requirements when it comes to accommodations. There’s free Internet (you can use the common PC or connect through Wifi), bathrooms are clean and a simple breakfast of bread, coffee and cereals are offered. Laundry services are also available for a fee. If you’re not picky and you just really need a place to crash for a few days and you’re on a budget, this is a good place for you.

The landlady, as one review points out, is nice enough if you are nice too. However, she’s quite on the defensive most of the time and won’t hesitate to raise her voice if she feels you’re not seeing eye to eye. Many reviews point out that their stay is affected much by the dynamics of the household. She reminds me of my landlady in the first boarding house I lived in during college. My housemates will understand what I mean, and I’ll leave it at that.

After checking in and sorting things out, we headed back out to explore the city. Our first order of the day was to familiarize ourselves with the MRT system. We were planing to head out to the Singapore Zoo and Night Safari, but we decided to stop at Marina Bay Sands first.

Marina Bay Sands
I remember catching an episode at Discovery Channel about how the SkyPark at the Marina Bay Sands was constructed. That alone made me want to see it for myself. We took the train to one of the nearby MRT and walked along the streets to get to Marina Bay. Our stay in this area was mostly going around the shops, and having dinner at the food court. Funny enough, we missed eating rice so we got our food from Gerry’s Grill. Yes, that Gerry’s Grill.

I’m a bit disappointed we weren’t able to go up to the SkyPark and the Art Center. Marina Bay Sands has several very impressive structures. I’d love to come back and take a look at them. I’m more interested in old buildings, but I can’t help but admire the construction of the entire complex. That’s definitely on my “must do” list when I come back.

Night Safari
We decided to take a look at the Night Safari shortly afterwards. Since we couldn’t figure out how to get there by bus, we decided to take a cab. Our driver was a nice and very talkative man named . He said the best time to go to the zoo was around 6 PM. That way, we’d have time to go to the Singapore Zoo, walk around the night trail before enjoying the show. He was also chatty enough to share some of the nice places to go to around Singapore, and he says the best place to get chili crab was at his mother’s house.

He expressed his want to go to the Philippines, but not to Manila. Boracay and Cebu was his goal, but Belinda suggested he try to go to Palawan instead.

We got to the Night Safari and purchased tickets that would give us admission not just to the park, but also to the Singapore Flier. Our first goal of the night was to take a walk and see the animals. We only made it as far as the hyenas before we headed back to make it in time for the last show.

It was a very entertaining program where you can see how the animals move and interact with their keepers. The most impressive animal I saw was the wolf and the owl, but the others were pretty cute and cuddly as well. I like how the zoo used the show to push awareness on the importance of keeping the environment safe.

We made it in time for the last tram ride. I didn’t think there’s still an area like that in Singapore. It was fun to see the animals. Some of them were quite amazing, like the elephants and the lions and the tiger. Others were animals I’ve never seen before and glad to have that chance.

Our trip back to the hostel was faster than expected. I didn’t bother to change clothes because I was so tired. I climbed up my bunk bed and fell into a deep sleep.

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