A journal for the fashion lovers

I’ve mentioned before that I love notebooks and journals. Half of my notebooks are still unopened and unused, but the ones I’m already using are much loved and enjoyed.

Yesterday, I met up with Jasper Ong of Avalon.ph to get a Moleskine Travel journal and Shabby’s Moleskine order. The day before, he asked if I could make a sketch on his Fashionary journal. I was pleasantly surprised and humbled by his request, especially when I realize that my works aren’t really fashion-related.

Fashionary (image courtesy of Avalon.ph)
Inside the Fashionary (image courtesy of Fashionary.org)

Fashionary is a sketchbook that is “tailor-made for fashion designers”. It’s got measurement tools, patterns, seams and stitches, brand index, body measurement tables… it’s all there. There are also pages where you can sketch your designs. These pages already have light templates in them that you can opt to follow, or just draw freehand.

Fashionary’s a great accessory for anyone who passionate about creating designs for fashion. Think of a Moleskine with references, dictionaries and tools that will definitely come in handy. While it’s easy to use smartphones and other mobile devices to do research for fashion related information, I think it’ll be easier to have the details you need at hand.

As someone who isn’t into fashion, I still would like to have one. I do draw, and sometimes I’d think about clothes and costumes for the characters I create. Having a journal with all these details — plus pages that have a template that I can use for inspiration — definitely helps. I wasn’t thinking of any design in particular when I started drawing and look at what I was able to do.

I used the Sakura Micron pen, and the ink didn’t leak to the back pages. Definitely shows that the Fashionary’s a quality product. Also, I’m the first to draw on it (wala lang, random haha).

For more details on what Fashionary is all about, please visit Fashionary.org. The journal comes in two versions: Women’s Fashionary and Men’s Fashionary. I believe a Kid’s Fashionary’s coming soon too. You can also order Fashionary from Avalon.ph (dare I say “exclusively”? I haven’t seen this product out in other shops yet).

Photo credits: Fashionary and Avalon.ph

4 Replies to “A journal for the fashion lovers”

  1. ako rin, i love collecting notes and sketchbooks, pero halos akin gamit na sila.. pero meron pa rin akong mga tokidoki ones that’re unused, n recycled paper journal as a birthday gift, heck did u see the notes ng evernote? the dimensions are 4.5×3 yata, pero ang mahal $69 but i want that!

    1. Sometimes the ones I know I won’t be able to get again, like the more expensive or limited edition ones I really don’t use hehe.

      Haven’t seen that one from Evernote. It’s paper talaga?

  2. Ang galing! I love the drawing ^^ Have you been drawing again?

    1. Thanks. Actually, sobrang random ng drawing na yan. Dunno where it came from. Must’ve helped na I was staring at the Deathly Hallows poster while I did it haha.

      Drawing again? Sort of, I guess. I was able to do three quick sketches earlier. It’s rough, but I like it. Hopefully mag tuloy tuloy na to. 🙂

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