My macarons from France

I always thought that French macarons are the same as the coconut macaroons I learned how to make back in elementary. It wasn’t until I saw these little, colorful confections did I realize they were two different things.

Despite seeing these around the metro (particularly in Bizu), I never bought any. Perhaps the per piece price tag was too much for me, particularly since it will be gone in one bite. In Malaysia, I saw these lovely creations in Harrod’s and was about to buy some when Belinda said I should wait until she comes back from Paris to try one. So I waited.

Yesterday, I got my pasalubong from my best friend Carmenez: lovely LenĂ´tre macarons handcarried all the way from France.

Oddly enough, despite my cravings for this sweet, I know next to nothing about it. I always thought it was sort of a meringue, or a cookie sandwich. It was something of a hybrid. It also has one thing in common with our macaroons: The origin of their names from the Italian word “maccarone”.

All too quickly, I ate my first piece. It was crunchy on the outside with a chewy interior, much like the the cheap colorful merengue my sister and I brought at the market a few months ago. The filling is sweet, but not overly so. The green color apparently is for pistascio. I don’t know what the others are. No, I’m not sharing.

I am determined to make this last until the end of the week, and I shall scour Manila for great macarons (aside from Bizu). Those I shall share.


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