Random thoughts on what to set up

If I had no need to worry about daily expenses, rent and all that jazz, I’d like to do the following:

      Set up a bakery/coffee shop with all sorts of books scattered. Kind of like a public library where food’s allowed.
      Travel around the world until I’m 40. I’ll write about my adventures, draw, take pictures etc. Then I’ll go home every few months.
      Build a studio. First floor is a gallery and coffee shop. Second floor is my studio. Rooftop garden. Basement is a recording studio. Then I’ll have a fireman’s pole outside so I can go out of the building easily. Or a slide.
      Set up a bed & breakfast in the province. I’ll build an old house (like my lola’s ancestral home). It’ll be purely Filipinia.
      Build an eco-friendly, home for the aged. Folks who have no families, those in the streets, can go here, free of charge.
      A center where street kids can go to to study, learn, and find means to provide for themselves besides begging.
      Plant a garden. Heck, the seniors and the kids will also plant a garden. Fristine will teach them.
      Fly in a hot air balloon.

    I shall add more. 🙂

    I’ll do all of these when I win the lottery. Like, maybe P700M. 😀

2 Replies to “Random thoughts on what to set up”

  1. Ditto on the bakery/coffee/bookstore place. Yan din yung gusto kong line of business. That and maybe a publishing house. :p

    1. It would be nice to just have a place for folks to come in, hang out & read. Kung baga may community ka na, and it’s not just about coming in to drink designer coffee (which I shall source from Sagada or whatnot. Local lahat!) and look “sosyal”. :p

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