Hello again, Baguio

Baguio continues to surprise me. Even though I lived there for four years, every time I come back, there’s always something about it that makes it interesting all over again. I see new things in the places that I’ve been to and feel I know so well.

I discover charming nooks and crannies in a road that I pass by many times.

I taste something new and enjoy the freshness that somehow only Baguio and its nearby provinces can give.

I learn new things.

I reconnect with family.

Baguio was, is and always will be a home for me.

It’s been a week. I miss you already.


  1. Every year since 2007 I go to baguio. This year lang hindi. I dunno why. Never had the reason to really go. Maybe because Ive gone to SG this year. And that was “the trip” of 2011. I love love love Baguio!!

  2. I almost couldn’t believe this was in Baguio. The BenCab Museum is very nice. The cafe is worth trying and the view is fantastic. This is what my mind saw when it thinks of the Philippine countryside. So peaceful and no trash in sight. Limited parking.

    1. This is a little on the outskirts of the city itself so it still has a lot of nature’s beauty around it. The city itself is pretty crowded and slowly becoming devoid of tress. It’s a real shame.

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