Moleskine on the Move: My Winning Entry

Some surprising and pleasant news came through my email yesterday afternoon. Bill Yeung of Working Unit Ltd./Moleskine Asia sent me an email informing me that I was one of the winners of the Moleskine on the Move contest. My entry was the top pick among all the entries submitted through the Moleskine Asia Facebook page.

I found out about the contest only a few days before the deadline. I had just gotten some new Moleskine from and I was looking for information about the Peanuts editions when I stumbled across Moleskine Asia. I thought about passing it up, but I figured I’ve got a few days and nothing to lose. When I confirmed that the contest was open internationally, I decided to go for it.

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The craft knife came in handy.

I spent a good part of a Sunday printing and cutting up the template and planning where to put the figures to create my “scene”. I had several elaborate ideas, some of which included me using Pinky:St or my Professor Layton figures. Those plans were scrapped because the wind was too strong and my figures kept blowing away. The alternative: use my other photographs as a backdrop for the figures.

An hour or so was spent browsing through my archives for pictures. I wanted a beach photo but I couldn’t find the ones that I took. Finally settled on two pictures: the Post Office building in Manila, and the Chinatown arc in Binondo.

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Unedited entries

My room’s balcony became my impromptu studio. On my folding chair I placed my laptop with the background pictures in full screen. I initially stood the figures on the provided stands but that was too flimsy and didn’t put them right. With some tape, scrap paper and several books to prop the figures up, I managed to get something decent. Some tweaks on Photoshop and I was satisfied. As I had problems with the submission form, I had but the last day to submit my works.

The winning entry. You can still see the lines from my laptop’s monitor. I took the photo during a walking tour of the Post Office last year.

I’m not quite sure but I believe the contest was to help promote the Moleskine New Collections. No longer are they just making notebooks, they’ve also branched out to other related products. Here’s the information from Moleskine US:

The Moleskine New Collections are sets of striking pieces that focus on writing, travelling, and reading. Perfectly compatible with the legendary notebooks, they were designed by Giulio Iacchetti to incorporate signature Moleskine function and aesthetics: the elastic band, the rounded corners, the black color, the simple design. The offerings include bags, pencils, pens, computer cases, reading glasses, a rechargeable reading light and an e-reader stand. This set of distinctive accessories enhances the activities of the modern day nomad in each of us.

You can also read an interview with designer Guilio Iacchetti at the Core77 website.

I haven’t seen these at any National Book Store branch yet, but their Facebook page gives a list of the available items and the prices. I repeat, Moleskine is hella expensive, but from what I’ve seen the design is beautiful and the build is top-notch. As a prize, I get to pick any two items from my entry. I can’t wait to see them.

Much thanks to the folks of Moleskine Asia!

P.S. Here’s the video of the Moleskine on the Move. The contest is based on this.


  1. Felicitaciones, querida amiga! ♥

    I’m very happy whenever you CREATE! it’s not really about winning although it did come as an awesome bonus. You have to keep on creating, it’s a crime not to. *hugs*

    1. Salamat! 🙂 To be honest while the prizes were nice, I actually had no idea what they were at first haha. My motivation was to do something better, and I had fun thinking of scenes and executing them. I’m pushing myself to create more. It makes me happy. 🙂

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