One month

Today, the family celebrates the first month of my niece, Olivia Cassidy. We call her Cassie, even though the dad insists on calling her Olivia.

I can’t help but just stare at her when I go over to visit. She’s so little, so perfect. I’m sure you know what I mean. There’s just something awesome about a baby, that you can’t help but be humbled by them.

A year ago I never imagined I’d be an aunt. A month ago I didn’t have this baby to fawn over, to hug, to love. Now I can’t imagine my life without her. She may not understand what I’m saying, but I hope she feels it.

Happy first month Cassie. And the best of luck to your mommy and daddy for more sleepless nights. 🙂


  1. Hey Kat! Congrats!! Ang galing naman! Ako im very fascinated by kids. Ansarap lang nilang tingnan! 😀 I think if ever id be blessed to have one, ill be the happiest. 🙂

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