Tricycle Perils

I have a love-hate relationship with our transportation system. I appreciate the fact that you can get to anywhere without having to walk around much. However, I hate the fact that so many of the drivers and fellow commuters are so disrespectful of traffic rules and regulations. Heck, even common courtesy is often absent.

Everyday, I go to work by riding the tricycle and walking a part of my route. Everyday, every time I arrive at the office or reach home at the end of the day, I feel such relief at still being alive. It seems that I run the risk of dying through some sort of vehicular accident every day (and on that note, I don’t feel comfortable writing that but I just had to say it).

Example: The trike drivers along the Eastwood-Manggahan route. Every night when I go home, there’s usually some traffic jam along Calle Industria. The direction towards Manggahan takes up two lanes, while the one going to C5/Eastwood takes up just one. However, the trike drivers tend to skip the lanes and run along the Eastwood-bound lane just to get ahead. They do this particularly when there’s no oncoming traffic.

I get their rush. After all, the faster they can take one fare to their destination, the faster they can get back for another trip. More trips, more income. However, I don’t think they see the danger they’re posing to themselves or their passengers. They don’t realize that they’re responsible for someone else’s safety.

There was a time when one driver was so careless. He was yelling at the car drivers and overtaking every time. When we got to our destination, one rider complained and the driver replied “Nakarating naman tayo.” Naku. Gusto ko sabunutan.

I have other options going home, namely riding a cab or walking the whole way. Option one isn’t feasible because I’ll run out of money long before the next payday comes. Option two is ok but not practical. If there was a dedicated and safe bike lane I’d take that option but there’s none. So it’s the tricycle for me.

I hope that these people won’t have to experience anything bad in order to be more responsible drivers. In the meantime, I guess the best we can do is ask them to drive more carefully, and pray that they do.

Now the MRT and falling in line is another story…


  1. I know the feeling so, heck, I won’t let this article pass without my comment. Chicharon eh, kaka-highblood!

    Let’s pray for our dear manong drivers, that they may realize the value of their lives and their source of livelihood, and more importantly, the lives of their passengers.

    1. Hassle talaga eh no? Feeling nila asa Formula 1 sila. Tapos yung driver kanina sabi pa, “Ang hirap mag counterflow!” Gusto ko sagutin “Eh wag mo gawin” even though I really get why they do. Hay. Yeah, I guess we can just pray na matuto sila and at no one’s expense.

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