Gardens of Time and is that a TARDIS?

One of the games I’m playing on Facebook is “Gardens of Time“. My uncle says it’s the most popular game on Facebook, surpassing even Farmville. While I believe it is a popular game, I can’t quite buy the idea that it’s the most popular game there of all time since none of my contacts really play it. The ones who are on the game are not active (which makes it hard for me to complete each level because I’ve got no friends to help me, except for just one person).

Gardens of Time basically is a hidden picture game, and it follows the story of the Time Society who try to fix the paradoxes and inconsistencies of various events across time. It’s a pretty fun, if slow, game.

One of the recent developments of this game is the addition of a chapter in the Philippines, as well as items you can buy from the store that represent the Philippines. I’ve yet to reach the chapter, but I have several items, plants and structures that are recognizable as Philippine landmarks.

Cool items you can get in the game.

I noticed that Playdom recently changed some of the previous chapters, replacing old artwork with new ones. It was pretty nice to go back to old chapters and play them for more points, as the challenge is trying to figure out where the item is since it looks very different.

One chapter I went back to for more points was the Carnaby Street. The drawing has changed and is quite more interesting now. While playing, I noticed something in the middle of the scene.

The Doctor is in?

I would’ve thought it was a standard police box if not for the way the light above it was glowing. TARDIS is that you? Also, one of the characters in the story used “timey-wimey” in one of her dialogues, which made me think that the creators of GoT are Doctor Who fans. I’d love to know.

Quite fun, eh?