February list

We’re well into the second week of the month (and the week’s nearly over too). I thought I’d list down some goals for February, as inspired by Carina. There’s still time, and there are a couple of things that I want/need to do. Here we go.

  • Write 5 articles a day
  • Have $500 by February 28
  • Write down everything I eat
  • Write down all expenses
  • Take daily photographs
  • Memorize katakana

Not much, really. Let’s see how well I fare come March.

In other news, here’s my horoscope for the day (Wednesday, rather. I didn’t realize the day has changed). I don’t quite fully believe in them, but it’s always fun to read them and perhaps use them as a guide for my life. Without going into detail, let’s just say that today’s forecast for my sign is a little apt for something that’s running through my mind.

Love may be in the air with sweet Venus visiting your impulsive sign until March 5. You’re optimistic about your chances, whether or not something actually happens. Just remember not to come on too strong or you might overwhelm someone with your exuberance. Express what’s in your heart, but make sure to allow enough room for others to be themselves.

Such fun.

Also, I want to change my writing style/voice. If it were music, I think it’s too pop but not in anyway appealing.