March Music

I’m going to see three artists in concert this March. That’s somewhat of an achievement for me since I don’t really like going to concerts unless I really like the artist. Last year I splurged for Jason Mraz and I don’t regret a single minute.

On March 3, I’ll be watching L’Arc En Ciel in Hong Kong. It’ll be my first trip there, and my first trip out of the country just for a group. Biggest adventure so far, and I’m pretty excited.

March 20 is all set for Toe, another Japanese band that my brother Nunik introduced to me sometime in 2010. He’s a big fan of the drummer, and he has been gunning for the group to perform here. Thankfully, the group said “Ok, we’ll play in the Philippines”. Weeee.

All set for Toe

March 30 will mark the return of Hanson after seven years. I’m going to watch with the biggest Hanson fan I know. During their first show I didn’t go because I was in Baguio and I chose to watch Jars of Clay instead. Now that they’re back, well why not?

I can’t wait.


    1. Hi Michy! Haha, oo. Matagal na akong fan nila. Not superfan na alam ko everything about them, pero they’re one of my favorite bands talaga. 🙂

      Nice to meet you too! Sa uulitin!. 😀

  1. WOW! Sobra akong inggit!!!! Have a great trip Kat!! Share mo photos and more!!! Tell me more of the experience as well… Plan ko din mag HK sana pero baka ma push out. 😀 ENJOY ka!

    1. Haha thanks Geevie. Last year ko pa plan tong trip and thanks to the *thing* that happened to us last year I got the funds. Pero I need to be a little stringent din sa gastos because it’s running out!

      Go for it! I’m excited kasi technically this is a solo trip for me and it’ll be my first time. Hehe. Enjoy kung enjoy. Hope I don’t get lost.

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