Post Valentines meet with the Philippine Volcanoes

Note: Parts* of this post are advertorial.

The day after Valentine’s day I was at Izakaya in Greenbenlt with Joiz for an event with Globe. I’ve been a longtime Globe subscriber and I’m generally happy with the service. I have never tried their mobile Internet service because my phone uses only GPRS and that is SLOOOOOOW. Plus, as I’m on prepaid, the charges will surely drain my load. I’m better off relying on Gladlycast or something.

Globe's Free FB

Globe and TM recently launched a service where prepaid subscribers can use their phones to browse Facebook for free. This promo is ongoing until March 14. All you have to do is send FREE FB to 8888 (or you can call *143# for free). Once you’re subscribed you’ll get a confirmation message. Point your browser to and you’re all set.*

Note that this isn’t applicable for Blackberry users and those who have Opera Mini set as their default browsers. Which is fine with me since it’s only Facebook. I tried it (after I re-downloaded my settings) and so far it works fine with the Facebook Java app. I managed to update my status while in transit and check some messages. Since my phone uses GPRS it’s still rather slow but is good enough in a pinch. I do need a new phone though (that’s a big hint for Globe to give me an iPhone 4S so I can fully experience this awesome thing called mobile surfing haha).*

Philippine Volcanoes
The other exciting part about that night was meeting a few of the guys from the Philippine Volcanoes (who are Globe’s newest ambassadors): Kenny Stern, Chris Everingham, Jake Letts, Jonny Morales, Darran Seeto, Nick Perry and Andrew Wolff. If you haven’t heard of them, you probably have been living under a rock in the far flung regions of the country. Coach Matt Cullen said that their team was following the footsteps of the Azkals in terms of rising popularity and games played but with a big difference: “We will win.”

From left: Andrew Wolff, Chris Everingham, Jon Morales, Darran Seeto, Nick Perry, Jake Letts and Kenny Stern

Admittedly, I know little of the guys or the sport myself so I was pretty curious. Globe set it up to follow the speed dating format, but it turned out to be kind of like a quick interview with the guys. You got to hand it to these guys. They talked to more than twenty girls with little break. Some of them came straight from training and were probably bone tired.

It was nice to get to chat with them and learn that the guys aren’t just jocks. Each of them disclosed a little of their interests and lives outside of rugby, showing that they’re pretty well rounded individuals. These guys have day jobs, hobbies and even go to school when they’re not training or playing. You can’t help but like them all the more for that. Two minutes is enough to be interested in what they’re saying, but you’d wish you had two hours (or more) with them.

It was a very interesting night which more than made up for the rather quiet day prior. Anyone up for round two? I’m game.

P.S. For the heck of it I decided to research the team before the event. My search results came up with a list of the volcanoes in the Philippines. I had to amend my search string before I got what I needed. 😀


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