Max’s Restaurant offers three new dishes for Lent

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It’s always nice to go to Max’s Restaurant for a meal. They’ve been around for generations and are known for their “sarap to the bones” fried chicken. My tita never fails to have a meal or two at Max’s when she’s here in the Philippines. I too have fond memories of parties and celebrations held at Max’s restaurant. They have grown so much over the years.

This year, Max’s adds a three new dishes to their menu in time for the Lenten season. We all see this time as a testament to our faith, and we all know how hard it is to stick to the “panata” of not eating meat. Max’s understands this, so their new dishes will definitely work well for us.

There’s the Sizzling Seafood in Honey Bagoong Sauce. The sauce got my attention from the get-go, being a bagoong fan and all. I was a little skeptical about how it would taste, but it worked well with the crispy breaded cream dory, shrimp and squid rings. The sauce was sweet, but you an definitely taste a hint of the saltness associated with bagoong.

Kids rarely eat tofu, mostly because it’s so bland. But Max’s Adobong Kangkong Stuffed Tofu is a twist to our regular adobo, minus the meat. Fresh kangkong leaves, button and shitake mushrooms are mixed with sweet adobo sauce and stuffed in to deep fried tofu blocks.

The pièce de résistance for me is the Cauliflower Puffs. Had I not known what they’re made of before I tried them, I would’ve thought it was shrimp or fish. Cauliflower dipped in special batter, then fried to a crisp and coated with a special sauce. A lot of the kids at the restaurant happily ate it with no complaints.

The best thing about these dishes is that they’re not expensive, and each serving is good for 2-3 people (unless they’re gluttons hehe). So if you’re craving for good food but you want to keep your “panata” of not eating meat, give these dishes a try.

Many thanks to Bright Idea Events Management and Sir Bobby of Max’s Ad Circles Inc. for the invite to try these dishes (as well as the photos, because the ones I took didn’t look quite as nice). Babalik ako!


    1. Haha I only get invited because of friends, so I’m not really in a position to extend it myself hehe. Pero if may chance, why not? 😀

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