Canon Kiss X4 Err 01

My four month old Canon Kiss X4 (also known as Canon 550D/Rebel T2i) was getting an error when I’d shoot. It has never happened often, but now I’m seeing it often enough to worry. I fired up Google to search for people with similar problems and possible solutions. I know the fastest way to fix it was to bring the camera to the service center but I wanted to see if I could resolve the issue myself first.

The following are some suggestions that I found online:

  • Remove and replace the lens – Did that. No success.
  • Remove and replace the battery – I removed the battery to charge it but I still got the errors
  • Clean the contacts on the camera and the lens – I’ll try this as a last resort because I’m too scared to try it.

I did a test to see when the problem occurs. Initially, I noticed that the error happens when I set my lens to shoot at 18-24mm, but never when I go beyond that. Many of my search results show that people get this error while using different lenses, so I had to look for someone who had the same setup as I have. I found a short thread on Digital Photographer Philippines, with some suggestions on what to do.

According to one of the replies, if the contacts are clean, it is possible that the error is caused by a faulty aperture mechanism. He suggested to shoot at the widest aperture available, and see what happens.

My current settings are ISO 800 and 1/320. I kept changing the aperture and recorded the results. For the first round of shooting test, f4.0 and f5.0 showed errors, while f3.5, f4.5, up to f22 didn’t get any errors. My second test, I decided to just shoot using the aperture that got errors. So far, no errors up to f5.6. A third try on the ones that had errors worked fine. I’m back to not knowing what the problem is.

I am a little confused as to what’s going on. I don’t have any other lens I could use as a test, but I’m pretty sure it would work ok. My camera has taken a few knocks since I got it, so I’m hoping nothing got damaged. I guess if the same thing happens again and I can’t fix it, it’s off to the service center.

Here are a few forum threads that talk about this problem.