Step 2: Learn a little more

I’m on the module 2 of my Japanese language classes at UP Diliman. I’m a little slow on the memorization of words and characters, and I still have a tough time translating whole sentences.

We had a quiz the for each meeting the last two weeks. I got a pretty decent score on one part of the first exam, but I failed the second part, where we had to write about the location of the buildings in the questionnaire. Last week’s quiz was worse. Our teacher asked questions in Japanese and while I understood some words, I could barely make sense of the question. Therefore, I couldn’t answer the questions. 🙁

My weakness here is first of all vocabulary. I need to amp up my game and learn more words, and not just the ones in the textbook. My second weakness is memorizing the proper sentence pattern, as well as the proper particles to be used. My third weakness is that I’ve barely memorized the kanji and kana (although personally I think I’ve improved since the last module).

I know I failed horribly in the last quiz. I have to study more and not fail in the next one.

Off to study now. 🙂


  1. Good luck! You can do it as long as you put your mind into it. 😀 I really want to take Japanese classes too, but I have to find a cheap school.

    1. Ask mo si Drew baka merong per module yung sa school niya. Mine is relatively cheap kasi I pay per module instead of one whole payment (which would be around 10k for 90 hours of class).

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