L’Arc~en~Ciel Tribute Album?

Today’s random browsing brought me to a site that had a list of Japanese music releases. I was looking through their selections, trying to find something new to listen to (I’m currently listening to my really old Japanese songs playlist) when I stumbled upon a few L’Arc~en~Ciel tribute albums.

I shouldn’t be surprised right? It isn’t unusual for other artists to pick a song of older bands and cover them and put them together as a tribute album. The Led Zeppelin tribute Encomium is one of my favorites. Even Filipino artists did some for the APO Hiking Society and the Eraserheads.

I must not be that of a fan if this missed my radar. My apologies.

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The first tribute album I saw is called “Vivid Colors” and features covers by Japanese artists. Again, pardon my ignorance for not being familiar with these artists.

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The second tribute album is titled simply as “L’Arc~en~Ciel TRIBUTE”. What grabbed my attention was the artists involved. Orianthi (NEO UNIVERSE), TLC (Rainbow/Niji), Daniel Powter (STAY AWAY) and Boyz II Men (Snow Drop), among others. The songs are translated into English and re-arranged a little to fit the new words.

YouTube already has these songs online. Search for them using the album titles, and you’ll be able to see it. Let me know what you think.

Several different emotions ran through me: horror, amusement, curiosity. I didn’t find the songs themselves aren’t bad per se, though I did cringe at some of them. Some of the arrangements are not bad, and the lyrics seem ok (although I don’t know how accurate they are as my Japanese is still not good). What is weird is hearing the songs that I love in other people’s voices. Had I listened to these songs without knowing who L’Arc~en~Ciel is, I might like them from the get go. But as it is, I am still having a hard time accepting it. I’m not sure if the artist choices are appropriate, and some of the elements that I liked in the original songs are gone.

I suppose the target here is the audience who hasn’t heard of the band. Also, considering that this an official release, I guess it should be good, right? Well, I’ll leave you to decide for yourselves if you like it or not.

Edit: I took a listen on the first album, Vivid Covers. I found it easier to listen to, as the arrangement and lyrics are still the same. Also, I think that these artists are more familiar with L’Arc~en~Ciel, so they probably performed the songs with more gusto. The album still has its hits and misses, and I’ll still leave it to you to decide what you think.