Party like it’s 1989: NKOTBSB Live in Manila

Last night was a trip back in time. My companions were the people I count as my best friends, and ones I know wouldn’t laugh at me screaming my head off for men who pranced about on stage and sang songs that were famous more than a decade ago.

For a few hours, we were all screaming fangirls soaking in the amazing performance of New Kids on the Block and Backstreet Boys. Fangirls of today ain’t got nothing on us.

I don’t feel like rambling on about this for now, but it’s definitely one of most memorable concerts I’ve been to this year (and considering I’ve seen a bit already). Here’s something I wrote last night on Tumblr. I’ll probably expand on that later on.

More pictures after the link.

At one point during this set, the guys went down in the audience to pick some girls they were going to sing to. Of course I was envious. Nick was such a ham, kidding with AJ and Howie, pretending to be part of the crowd and saying “Pick me! Pick me!” while the two pretended to kick him away.

Donnie isn’t my favorite New Kid but I squealed when he ripped off his tank top and went around topless. Looking good at 42, Donnie!

Ah, 90s fashion. I wish Kevin Richardson was with them.

Jon, Danny, Jordan, Joey and Donnie. Even after all these years, you guys are still amazing. I think I cried after Joey sang “Please Don’t Go Girl” with much emotion.

The guys confirmed that Manila was the last stop for the whole NKOTBSB tour. It felt surreal to see them, then they tell us we’re the last stop and it was all going to end now. It was a happy/sad moment. They sang “Don’t Turn Off the Lights Now” during this segment.

Joey Joe. I loved you for your baby blue eyes back when I was too young to even think of love haha. Now, I love you more because you can prance around in this outfit and not give a hoot.

Other photos are a little blurry. I’ll try to see if I have any decent videos.

Probably the only decent video I took, as I promised myself that when Joey sings this, I will be calm and collected. :p

Was the show worth all the headache and effort I went through just to get a ticket. You bet. I’d do it again in a heartbeat.


  1. Happy for you, Kat.! AND WHAT, DONNIE IS 42 already? Hot damn.

    PS: That photo of BSB in 90s getup – <3

    1. Yes! And it doesn’t matter di ba? Even the other guys are still good looking. Hahaha.

      May isang part nung show where NKOTB was singing, I forgot the song. Then biglang lumabas ang BSB sa likod wearing those clothes and dancing, tapos they went out again. Haha trip trip lang.

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