Reading Gone Digital

I got an Amazon Kindle Touch as a present from my godmother-aunt. I’ve long been reading ebooks instead of print books (mostly because I can download a lot really cheaply), but I’m not really mobile as I read on my laptop.

Reading ebooks on the computer can be a pain. You can’t move around much to find a comfortable position, and even with a laptop, you are not at all that mobile. After a while, the glare of the computer hurts your eyes, even if you have the light turned down to the lowest setting. I tried reading on my mobile phone, but the screen was too small and the light was also a problem.

Amazon Danboard meets the Amazon Kindle Touch.

So when I received my Kindle, I couldn’t be happier. While I maintain that printed books are still my main choice (there’s so much about them that I love that technology has yet to replicate in digital form) for reading, ebooks and an ebook reader provide several advantages.

  • I can now read my ebooks anywhere I wish. I am no longer limited to reading through my laptop, so I don’t have to stay parked in one place.
  • I can carry as many books as I like at any time. The Kindle is really lightweight, and it is easy to pack into my bag and bring out any time I want to read.
  • I don’t need bookmarks as the Kindle automatically remembers where I last left off.
  • Built in dictionaries help me learn new words I encounter throughout the books.
  • The Kindle’s eInk is not harsh on the eyes. It’s color and text emulates an actual book, making it easier for me to read. Amazon’s claim is that that it is almost like reading the real thing, and I can say that yes, it is definitely close to that.

The Kindle Touch also has some features which are quite handy. It has an MP3 player, so I can listen to music while I read. It can connect to Wi-Fi and I browse the Internet if I need to research or check Facebook. Some other notable features are the text-to-speech function, which reads out the books to you. And if you need new books, just go to the Amazon store and purchase one right from the Kindle and get it in seconds (there are free books available too!). You can even share books to your friends (though I haven’t tried that one yet).

There’s still a lot of features in the Kindle Touch that I haven’t used, but so far, I’m very happy with it. It may not be flashy or has multiple uses like an iPad or an Android tablet, but it’s fulfilled my need for an ebook reader. Now if it emits some musky book smell, feels like paper when I turn the page or makes swishing sounds… but you can’t have everything.


  1. agree on all your points and technology has given us substitute of the real thing, but for me the feel of a page in my fingertips is the best feeling while reading a book.

    1. Less paper cuts tho haha. Super convenient lang talaga ang ebook reader but give me an actual book any day. Plus, authors can’t really sign the ebook covers no? Hehe.

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