The Dark Knight Rises

I wasn’t planning on watching “The Dark Knight Rises”, but as I was given free passes, I thought it would be too good an opportunity to pass up. The weird thing was, I wasn’t excited to see it, but since I had seen the first two, I thought it would be just fitting to finish the last. So, off to the cinemas with Shabby and Joiz, a packet of popcorn and some drinks.

Just some thoughts while watching the movie. Warning: SPOILERS.

  • The cast made me think “Whoa, Inception 2?” with Christian Bale and Anne Hathaway replacing Leonardo DiCaprio and Ellen Page. Tom Hardy, Michael Caine, Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Marion Cotillard and even a cameo by Cillian Murphy marks it as a sort of reunion. I shouldn’t be suprised though, considering it’s a Christopher Nolan work.
  • It’s got a strong British/European cast too. Again, probably shouldn’t be a surprise.
  • Alfred made me cry.
  • Halfway through the movie, I told Shabby “JGL is Robin!” and at the end, tadah! Somewhere along the way he reminded me of Nick Lang’s Robin (Holy Musical [email protected]), which was why I said that.
  • I loved JGL and Gary Oldman here.
  • Speaking of HMB, I swear they got it right with the friends theme. I was half expecting a reveal for the Superfriends movie in 2015 or something.
  • When Liam Neeson appeared, I jokingly said “Uy, Taken 1.5 pala ito.” When his dialogue said something about “being taken”, I couldn’t help but snicker.
  • The fight scenes were a little tame compared to the previous movies. However, I think the raw quality of these fights made it more believable. You can see Batman struggling to keep up with Bane during their first fight, then rising up to his level towards the next. It’s not a polished fight scene, which is what probably makes it different.
  • I didn’t see the reveal for Talia’s character coming, so somewhere during the movie I thought there was some editing problem. Remember that scene where Gordon, Tate et. al. were sentenced to death by exile? Bane took Tate away, but in the next scene she was with Fox. Later on I realized that she could’ve been “returned” there by Bane to throw Batman off her scent.
  • Didn’t realize that Bane wasn’t the child either, but there was a part where I wasn’t so sure about it. There’s a hint somewhere that Bane is older than he’s let on, but the child was supposed to be younger than he was.
  • I love the idea that Catwoman’s ears aren’t really cat ears, but gives that impression.
  • It was fun seeing Reggie Lee in the movie, albeit in a very small role. I like him in Grimm, and seeing him in a cop’s role in TDKR was a pleasant surprise. Did you know he’s Filipino? He was born in QC and moved to the US when he was five. The name Lee from his grandparents.

On the whole, the movie surprised me. I didn’t expect to like it as much as I did, and I enjoyed every minute of the movie. While there were no really boring parts, there were plenty of scenes that would’ve been dragging because of the lack of dialogue or development. However, there is an air of urgency and worry in the second half of the movie, which kept me on the edge of my seat and thus entertained until everything was done.

For some entertainment, here’s Gary Oldman on Jimmy Kimmel. It’s a three-part interview and the links will be available at the end of the video.