Philippine Volcanoes: Asian 5 Nations

Because my blog is really boring and I haven’t really been writing, here’s some photos I took when Joiz and I went to watch the Volcanoes play to qualify for the HSBC Asian 5 Nations last April.

Philippine Volcanoes

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Game one was on April 15 (the day after my birthday!), with the Philippines competing against Singapore. Game two was on April 18 against Chinese Taipei, while game three was on the 21st versus Sri Lanka. Having never seen the Volcanoes play before, I had no idea what to expect. Singapore looked like a strong contender, as with Chinese Taipei and Sri Lanka.

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My honest take? The Volcanoes were at equals with Singapore, but had a slight advantage over Chinese Taipei when it comes to physical strength. Sri Lanka was a fierce contender, and was probably the most nerve-wracking game of the series.

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Hopefully this won’t be the last games of the Philippine Rugby that I’ll see. I hope to watch the Lady Volcanoes one of these days.

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