Simple things

I began 2013 with plenty of hope and optimism. Admittedly, I still tend to tread lightly, and am fearful that little things will set things off on the wrong path again. I still hold a little grudge, but I am trying my best to let it go. No sense in wishing for good things when there is something that’s holding it back.

Exploring Options
I’ve been living in the province for nearly two months now, with a trip or two to Manila for a few days to see my friends. It’s somewhat more cost effective this way, and I don’t feel quite like a burden. I’ve been able to work a little better, but I’m hoping for some improvement. Who knows? Maybe before I hit my next birthday I’ll be back in Manila again.

One of the things I do when I’m here is go around and take photos. Most of the things I photograph are plants, a few insects that don’t make me go screaming, and my toys. I’ve still got a long way to go when it comes to improving my skills, but I’ve taken a lot of pictures of fascinating things… even if they’re not so very well composed or taken. Hey, I’m not saying I’m a photographer. I’m just a girl with a camera who has plenty of room for improvement. 🙂

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Maybe I should start taking photos with themes. Hmm.

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