Keep moving forward

What an interesting week so far, and it’s only Tuesday. I suppose tomorrow it’ll be another adventure, but for now I’m sitting back and relaxing.

Sunday my sister and I travelled back to Metro Manila. I had to be in the city by Monday to work on some things for my future work, while she had to do some things for upcoming board exams (on that note, I ask you all to please pray for her. She’s worked hard for this). The trip itself was uneventful, and I mostly just slept through it like I normally do.

Monday, I had to deal with the hell called Metro Manila rush hour. I had an appointment in Makati, several miles away from my house. The trip from there to the nearest LRT station was fast, but I had to line up just to get into the station and to buy a ticket. MRT was a whole different story. There was a line to buy tickets, and I had to wait some 20 minutes or so because the admin halted ticket selling. There was also a line to get in to the platform.

The rest of the day was halved between talking with HR and then getting my pre-employment check-up done. Only I was told that I had to come back the next day at 9 AM, which meant I had to do the commute thing all over again.

Today started out well. There didn’t seem to be that many people on the LRT, which made me happy. When I got to the MRT, I was surprised to see that there was literally no lines to get a ticket. However, I had to line up for about 15 minutes to get inside, then line up for about 30 minutes just to get on a train as every one that passed was filled. I love that we have trains that cut down travel time, but getting on them is a nightmare.

My commute took far longer than the rest of my medical exam. I was there and done in less than 30 minutes. I had time to zip by the bank, then passed by Robinson’s East to check out the NBI clearance process. While I still made it to the 500 limit the mall imposed, I had no intention of waiting. I decided to come back tomorrow, bright and early (yeah, and bring snacks and entertainment).

Now for the fun part. I was having budget concerns, because some of the requirements for my employment needed printing and photocopying. I figured I had to do some clever juggling, so while I was figuring out how to do that, I decided to sift through the remainder of my personal stuff here.

Lo and behold, I found copies of ID pictures — the exact number and size of what I needed — and some documents that I thought I had left behind. So the few bucks I would’ve shelled out for printing and copying went to buying a snack for my sister and I.

Tomorrow is another day. Today, I am thankful for:

  • Getting to my appointment on time despite the commute challenges
  • Being able to get my requirements completed with minimal cost
  • Getting back online after a week of no connection
  • Starting up on my freelance projects again
  • Conversations with good friends
  • I hope your week is going pretty fabulous as well.