Hot soup on a warm day

As the hot summer sun beams down on the metro, I suddenly had the yen for some shabu-shabu. Perhaps it was the arctic chill of the office air-conditioner that had me looking for something to keep me warm, short of a blanket or the arms of my latest crush around me.

I had the following choices: a bowl of instant noodles, or a serving of a hot-pot special, both of which can be had at the nearby 7-Eleven. My third choice was a DIY bowl at the Robinson’s Supermarket Healthy Selections.

I spotted this a few days ago, when two Korean girls eagerly purchased a large bowl for their lunch. You have a choice of vegetables and some dimsum, which are then blanched and placed into a bowl with one egg, some glass noodles, carrots and corn. Hot, savory soup is then poured over this mix. Leave for a few minutes to let the egg cook and dig in. Be careful not to scald your tongues.


My shabu-shabu had shiitake mushrooms, crab sticks, baby corn, broccoli and some other dimsum, all for P60. Methinks I made the right choice picking this over the instant noodles and 7-Eleven hot-pot.

It certainly helped warm me up and fill my growling stomach.

Note: I was not sponsored by either 7-Eleven or Robinson’s. 😛