Post Birthday Thoughts

On my birthday last year, I ran my first marathon with Outbreak Manila, then had lunch with my mom, my aunt and her family. This year’s celebration is pretty low key, and probably the first I’ve had that didn’t have my parents or any of my siblings around. I spent the morning watching “Rooftop Prince” then later met up with Ching. We went window shopping (seems like I’ve been doing that often these days hehe), and off to Hana in Little Tokyo.

I was asked, “How does it feel to be a year older?” I replied, “No different from how I felt ten years ago.”

I’m thankful for all those who sent their birthday greetings, friends and family and even acquaintances who took time to send a message. I haven’t replied to everyone, but I will.

Thank You for another year, for the many chances and opportunities I know will come. Thank You for the past year, the travel opportunities, the new friends I met and the old ones I became closer to. Thank You for opening my eyes to certain truths, positive or otherwise.

Here’s to another year of adventures and shenanigans and life lessons!