Always grateful for the music: Jason Mraz in Manila 2013

When Jason Mraz was last in the Philippines, he made a promise to come back the following year. It seems he was delayed, because his visit came almost a year and a half later. Not complaining here, because it was so worth the wait.

The 2011 concert was meant to be an intimate gathering, at least, from what Jason said when he expressed his surprise in seeing how big and how packed the Smart Araneta Coliseum was. It was just him onstage, with his good friend and musical partner, Toca Rivera.

This year, Jason came with a full band. Nine musicians, in fact. Nine, very talented musicians who made Jason’s songs a lot more special and powerful. It was a sharp contrast to the laid back vibe of the previous concert, but we loved every minute of it.


Jason opened the concert with a part of “The World As I See It” (one of the songs I used to sing to my niece to get her to sleep when she was a baby), then segued to “Everything is Sound”. Quickly he moved to one of my favorite songs from his earlier albums, “The Remedy”, with the crowd singing along to the chorus of “I won’t worry my life away.” Positive vibes right from the get go.

The whole concert was not just eargasm-worthy, but it was also a visual treat. Jason had a trio of brass players who would sometimes move to different parts of the stage when playing. They even did a dance of sorts. He also had a beautiful girl who played the violin and a banduria, and sang beautifully (I wish she did the duet for “Lucky” instead).


It was lovely to hear “You and I”, which for me is such a beautiful yet melancholic tune. Jason also spoke some words before “Who I am today” that would greatly benefit those who would hear it (I’m still looking for any video clips of that), particularly those who can’t seem to let go of their past.

More than two hours and twenty-one songs (not counting the medleys) later, we’re all on a Jason Mraz high. The crowd pitched in and sang along, even being able to keep up with Jason’s skatting and belting out the chorus of “I’m Yours”. It was lovely to hear old tunes from his previous albums, including the very intense rendition of “Plane”.


I don’t think I’ll ever tire of listening to this guy. Thanks for the fantastic night of music and positivity, Jason and the Superband.

P.S. I tried to list down the songs, but if I missed any, let me know.

The World As I See It (abridged version) (I used to sing this to Cassie to get her to sleep haha)
Everything is Sound
The Remedy
Gratitude/Who I Am Today
Three Things I Do When My World Falls Apart
Frank D. Fixer
You & I Both (Jason moves to the left side of the stage, faces the audience on the right and says, “I keep getting farther away from you, I feel like we’re in a long distance relationship” before he sings).
Living in the Moment (mala country-jam/barn dance style of performance by the band)
Lucky (Di ko type yung ka-duet niya)
Make it Mine/Live High
Only Human
You Fuckin’ Did It
I’m Coming Over
The Woman I Love
Beautiful Mess
93 Million Miles
I Won’t Give Up

Song for a Friend
I’m Yours/Three Little Birds (Bob Marley & the Wailers cover)