First Impressions: MLIS

I’m done with the first days of my classes. Course outlines have been handed out, and reporting duties have been assigned. In all of my classes, my reports won’t be until September. Right now I’m feeling pretty mellow, but I know that once August rolls in I’ll be in a rush. So I should start doing research now (especially for my LIS 201 class, which I am determined to ace).

First day
I had my first day for two of my three subjects last Saturday. We were supposed to meet the week before that but apparently there were no classes, which meant that I lucked out.

My dad took me to school that day. It brought back memories of how he or my uncle would take me to school. The difference was back then I dreaded going to school and would cry as if it were the end of the world. They would stay with me the whole afternoon, standing just outside the door of the room where I would check on them every few minutes.

That made me pretty memorable to my teachers for the next year or so.

But last Saturday, Pa dropped me off and casually as you please, I just waved goodbye. No more tears or demands to stay with me ’til classes were done, but damn if I didn’t feel a little nostalgic.

Like most first days, classes began with introductions. I never really like getting up in front of a crowd to talk, but it was something that couldn’t be done without.

In my Saturday classes, there’s about twenty plus of us. On Wednesdays we’re just a handful. My classmates come from varying backgrounds. Some are LIS graduates working in libraries, while some are total newbies to the field and are using it as a stepping stone for other ventures. The diversity makes for interesting discussions in the future, methinks.

Why LIS?
The common question in these introductions is, “Why are you taking up LIS?” While the answers varied, it mostly had a common underlying theme: passion. Let’s face it; the career path of a librarian is not one of fame or money. I wouldn’t be surprised if some of the undergrads (particularly the freshmen) chose this course because it allowed them to get to UP and they have plans of shifting after. It’s not uncommon and unwelcome.

But hearing my classmates talk about why they were there and what they were doing (work, etc) made me realize that there is still a strong need for librarians everywhere. The field has definitely changed over the years, particularly with the advent of the Internet and ebooks, but it has adapted and expanded and accepted this (well, it is a work in progress). I could talk about this all day, but I’ll leave that for my term papers.

I may have taken this course as a sort of “last resort” for a career, but from what I’ve seen so far, it’s not just simply handling books and archives. I’m excited for the semester and the year or two ahead.