This Book Life: 34th Manila International Book Fair

I deliberately skipped the Manila International Book Fair for the main reason that my finances will not support the foray into book heaven (or hell, whichever you prefer). Aklatan proved to be friendly to the wallet, as I concentrated on getting only two books and the ebook bundle, but I feared that MIBF was fiercer.

I ended up going there yesterday before lunch just so I could make the cut-off for the Harry Potter raffle. I was an hour late meeting my friend Ching (and I got reprimanded for it), and it was raining like hell. Not to mention that the MoA area was crowded: probably thousands of people were there for different events: MIBF, Best of Anime, the UAAP Cheerdance Competition, the SM 3-Day Sale… chaos.

Luckily, the line for tickets were short. I used my student discount, and once I was in, I made a beeline for the National Bookstore section. With the crowd, I was waffling on getting a copy of the new Harry Potters, but at the last minute I did, and I got a raffle ticket. Ching got one as well, and she also got a poster (which she later gave to me! Weee!). There were a lot of collectibles and Harry Potter memorabilia too, though I wasn’t really able to see them *sad face*

Times like these I wish I stayed more active in the HP community.

Potterheads surround the booth

I said hello to fellow Plurker Jovan, who was with Slytherin. They won the “House Cup” for the day and had a cake with the new cover of Sorcerer’s Stone on it. There were also a lot of Harry Potter books in different languages. The covers were also interesting. Some were the same as the U.S. Scholastic covers. Others were totally different works.

The Prize
Lucky is the person who won this prize

In German

Other languages

On that note, a Filipino translation of The Sorcerer’s Stone is now available. I applaud the person who did this work, because I know it’s not easy. I am all for reading a book in its original English, but if translating the work to the vernacular will help increase readership and literacy, I am also in support.

Deathly Hallows

Sorcerer's Stone


Off to Fully Booked, for another fandom of mine: Doctor Who. I did not find the “Complete Guide to Doctor Who” but I did see the stories published by BBC. I got the First Doctor (Ten Little Aliens by Stephen Cole) and Eleventh Doctor (The Silent Stars Go By by Dan Abnett), both books which only had one or two copies left by the time I got there. The helpful FB attendant told me that the story with the Tenth Doctor sold out pretty quickly. Makes you wonder where all these Whovians are hiding.

Doctor Who 50th Anniversary books

After browsing around (some of the booths have various gimmicks to attract people. Scholastic had this “Box All You Can” promo for P500, although the box was quite small and your choices were limited to you Young Adult fiction, which isn’t bad because I like them), we left for lunch, but since MoA was packed, we left and headed to another mall of the same company.

Before heading home, I passed by Booksale and ironically, I found more books that I wanted to get there than MIBF. I grabbed Linda Buckley Archer’s “The Time Quake” for only P180 and it was in fairly good condition too. I only have one book to find, and I like this version because the cover is by James Jean.

MIBF haul
Books from the MIBF

Booksale find
From Booksale

All in all, I think I did fairly well at the book fair. Since I had limited funds I knew that I had to make good decisions on what to get, and I am happy with my choices. Next year, I’ll be better prepared for purchases, and I hope to attend the lectures too.


  1. I skipped this year’s MIBF for work. Meh!

    Ex-ter-mi-nate!! Really, Fully Booked now carries Doctor Who stuff? *sigh!* I’m not surprised the Tenth Doctor’s sold out. I think he’s the most charming one out of the three recent Doctors.

    Thanks for dropping by my site and good luck to us both on the Coursera course… 🙂

    1. OMG Whovian ka din! This is awesome haha. Yeah, they had a lot of DW stuff. My friends were even able to find some small toys but I keep missing out on them kaya lugi haha.

      Work = gets in the way of going to book cons, but you need them if you want to get money to buy books. Sad fact of life. 😛

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