Cafe Shibuya: No Ordinary Toast

My sister asked me to accompany her while she ran some errands. After paying some bills, we headed to National Bookstore in Katipunan so she can buy some pens. There were some specific pens that she was looking for, so we had to go there.

Afterwards, we decided to check out the newly opened U.P. Town Center. It’s easy enough to get to, but because we were coming from the opposite side, we had to go back to the jeepney terminal first. It was a rather roundabout way to get there.

There were still plenty of stores that were not yet operational, and some of those that opened were not yet 100% functional. There also seemed to be a quite a few Japanese establishments (Family Mart included). I also saw a Filipino restaurant, a Vietnamese restaurant, a steakhouse and a pizza parlor.

After shopping, decided to try Café Shibuya, just because of the Japanese sounding name. As our luck would have it, there was a group of PR/media people going about the open stores, checking out what they had to offer. I felt sad that they didn’t finish the stuff that they ordered (I jokingly told my sister that maybe I should ask if I could have them to go).

Cafe Shibuya Menu

We ordered the bestseller, Shibuya Benedict, and Chocolate Green Tea frap. Shibuya Benedict is their take on the classic eggs benedict: poached eggs on top of a thick slice of buttered toast and ham, topped with creamy white sauce and slivers of shitake mushrooms. A side order of crisps with a Japanese mayo dip completes the dish.

Shibuya Benedict

I liked the taste. It wasn’t too salty, and the sauce was creamy without being cloying (it blended nicely with the egg yolks). The bread was a tad richer than expected, probably because of the butter, but it soaked up the sauce and the yolk and provided a solid base for the entire dish. It didn’t seem like a big serving, but I felt full after eating (which is saying a lot since my sister and I shared it).

As for the drink, I could still taste the green tea, but the chocolate provided enough sweetness so I didn’t feel the usual umay I feel with most green tea drinks.

Chocolate Green Tea Frap

Cafe Shibuya

Cafe Shibuya counter

For a student, the prices are a little on the high end, but it’s good for the occasional treat. They serve different kinds of toast (both the sweet kind and the hearty kind), pasta and drinks (coffee, tea, frapp, etc). I wholeheartedly agree with their tagline, “Dessert is always a good idea.”

Café Shibuya
Ground Level, UP Town Center, Katipunan Ave. Q.C.
Instagram: cafeshibuya

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  1. Shibuya Benedict looks good. I didn’t know nauumay ka sa green tea. Hehe~

    I’m curious with the place, but its location is its only turn off for me. Is it an authentic Japanese cafe?

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