Filipino Fridays 2013: Introduction


Filipino Friday 2013 kicks off with this question, “What kind of reader are you?” based on this infographic by Laura E. Kelly.

Going through the infographic, I realized that I cannot be pinned down to just one kind of book reader. I’m definitely a mutt, because of the way I feel about books and reading in general. I’m a free-range reader because while I have my favorite genres, I try to read anything. However I’m also a combination of other kinds.

I definitely am a compulsive book reader. I read through the descriptions and every one of them fits me to a T. I rarely lend books because I am OCD about the condition it’ll be when it’s returned (proven many times *sigh*), I display them on my bookcases, and I definitely believe in finishing a book in one sitting.

There’s also a few descriptions in the situational category that fit. I’m definitely a Kindle convert because it’s so convenient (but I maintain that printed books are still the best, and if I loved the digital version, I’d buy the print). I’m somewhat app happy too because of it. I’m a comfort reader and sleepy bedtime reader (which I blame on the fact that I feel compelled to finish a book in one sitting). Bathroom reader? Guilty.

I’m don’t read for prestige, because it just seems silly (and people can see through that, especially if the person’s a true book lover). I can never be a hater, because, well, if I hated books, I’d have no life.

How about you? What kind of reader are you?

P.S. Don’t forget! Filipino ReaderCon will be on November 9! Check out this lovely badge by Trizha Ko. Hope to see you there!

Filipino ReaderCon 2013


    1. Oo, OC ako! I usually lend it out to people who I know are similarly OC (like Den or Ching). Not even my sister is as OC as I am. Hehe.

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