Follow you down, but not that far

I never really considered myself as an uber fan of the Gin Blossoms. But their songs have been part of my formative years, and I’ve always had a crush on Robin Wilson’s voice.

Still, I was disappointed that I was missing out on their concert. Personal budget cuts do not allow for such expenses these days, as opposed to the time when I could buy two Jason Mraz tickets without blinking (much).

So when I heard that the band was going to be in Eastwood Mall for a live performance, I didn’t hesitate to grab the opportunity to see them. I already knew I wasn’t going to buy the CD for the autograph signing (budget cuts, remember?), but hearing them live would be pretty awesome.

The crowd was big enough to know that there were still plenty of people who appreciated the band and their music. Mostly were yuppies, still in their work attire. Others were young families, parents who were taking their kids to listen to a band they grew up listening to. It wasn’t the screaming kind of crowd, which was a nice break.

I was able to secure a spot on the left-hand side of the stage (right, if you’re standing on the stage). There were two guys in front of me, but since the crowd wasn’t the manic kind, I had no trouble seeing the band or taking photos. The event was advertised for 6:30 PM, but the band came onstage a little past 8 PM.

Gin Blossoms in Manila

Robin Wilson (carrying a can of San Miguel beer) greeted the crowd, who replied back with applause and cheers. He then said how much he liked the mall, and wished he had time to go shopping. He then pointed to Uncle Cheffy’s and said he was pretty curious about it.

First song was “Follow You Down”. Jesse Valenzuela and Scott Johnson joined him onstage (I saw Scott Hessel backstage. I didn’t know if Bill Leen was there too). The next song was a favorite of mine, “As Long As It Matters”. I remember listening to it in highschool while studying. Robin said that he wrote this song with Jesse, who called him up one Saturday morning while he was watching cartoons. Robin turned off the TV, and they proceeded to write the song.

A slower version of “Til I Hear It From You” was next. The band moved to leave but Robin said one more song, and proceeded to play “Hey Jealousy.” The crowd sang along, and at one point sand the chorus sans Robin.

I left shortly before the autograph signing (which was a good move since it started to rain). It was a quick set, but nonetheless still appreciated. It was, in its own way, a trip back in time. Thanks for the music Gin Blossoms. We definitely want you to come back next year.


  1. awww. too bad i’m so out of touch now with gigs and concert schedules. it would’ve been nice to hear them sing those songs live. and you said the crowd wasn’t “the manic kind”. akh. sayang!

    1. I didn’t know they had this gig until yesterday morning. Eastwood’s pretty near so I decided to go hehe.

      Yes, it was a nice, laidback crowd. I’d go manic in boyband concerts (like I did during the NKOTBSB concert haha) but for the rest, I think I’ll just listen haha.

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