Halloween Special (Part 1): Doctor Who Shenanigans

Bonifacio High Street was packed last Saturday, October 26. I was expecting a crowd at Fully Booked because of the Halloween Comic Fest, but it turns out there was a trick or treat event for the kids. It seemed fitting, because I was there for one thing only.

The Dalek.


These were several people during the early days of cosplay here in the Philippines who have set themselves apart by their passion and dedication. Robert Wong is one of those. Over the years he’s established himself as the expert in mecha cosplay, not just because of the skill and detail behind his work, but also how he is able to source the materials used to create it.

His most recent project is a Dalek from the TV series Doctor Who. According to Robert (after Joiz asked), he has been working on this since August. Progress updates and videos were posted at the Whovians Philippines Facebook page, and a few days ago he sent a shoutout that he’ll be at the Fully Booked Halloween Comic Fest.

I immediately sent word to my fellow Whovian Joiz. We already had plans to meet up for the Trese exhibit and book launch at Crucible Gallery, so adjustments had to be made.

My first view of the Dalek was as it was making its way down Bonifacio High Street. Fangirl squeals had to be squelched, but I couldn’t help but run towards it.

Yes, it moves. It speaks. Well, kind of. But still!

Even better, there were two Cybermen, albeit not yet properly assimilated.

Cybermen bowing to the Dalek. Um, run?

It was a mad dash for Joiz and I when she arrived, for the Dalek was nowhere to be found. A few minutes of walking, she said, “Dalek!” and found them resting at Krispy Kreme. Much to our delight, the Fourth Doctor was there too. We introduced ourselves and proceeded to gush like silly fangirls.

The detail of the Dalek is amazing. Robert said he’s still got a lot of things to work on, but from my point of view everything is pretty awesome. Up close you’ll see the imperfections, but the impact of the whole thing is spectacular so your eyes just skip over them. The use of regular items like the mini rubber balls and plastic cups, for various parts is ingenious.

The Cybermen masks were no less impressive. Robert said there were some details he missed out on, but for a first attempt it still is impressive. The masks were commissioned by artist Wilson Tortosa and his girlfriend, and were custom fit for them (but someone was able to give it a try.

Someone’s happy to be a Cyberman.

Soon, a familiar face appeared. Adrian Arcega of the Geekerie shop came strolling down BHS without a care in the world, and he was dressed like the Tenth Doctor. The Fourth Doctor, Vinni Misa, offered us a Jelly Baby and from a far we spotted an astronaut (which was part of the Axe Philippines promo, but it was unexpected… and did anyone manage to take a photo?).

Nope, just these guys.

Later, they took the Dalek out for a spin and we went after them to take photos, photos and more photos. The people’s reactions were pretty fun. Some were wondering if it was fully automated, or if there was someone inside. Others were afraid to approach the Dalek, while some, particularly the kids, were eager to poke and prod and push the thing. The Doctors ended up protecting the Dalek.


Joiz’s turn


With the guy who made this Dalek, Robert Wong

All too soon it was time for us to go. Bye Dalek! Bye Doctors! By Cybermen!

Guy 1: “May tao ba sa loob niyan?”
Guy 2: “Wala. May motor siguro.”

All the photos can be viewed here. I’ll try to upload a video later.

Continued in Halloween Special Part 2: Trese and Diabolical