Doctor Who: The Night of the Doctor ramblings

Disclaimer: This is not meant to be a review. It’s just me, rambling.

I haven’t really seen Classic Who, so I am not familiar with some elements of this prequel. I was, however, able to catch the 1996 movie (rather cheesy, but still pretty awesome in its own way), so seeing McGann pop up as the Doctor was a pretty mind boggling moment.

McGann can be considered as the longest running Doctor. Though he appeared only once onscreen, he has worked in plenty of audio dramas and his likeness was featured in many books and comics. Seeing him in this short and showing his re-generation into John Hurt’s Doctor — excuse me, Warrior/War Doctor — was nothing short of an “OHMYGOD” moment.

It also brings to mind a few questions and thoughts:

  • His “I’m a Doctor, but probably not the one you’re expecting” is very tongue-in-cheek as it can also address the viewers — who were probably expecting Matt Smith or John Hurt — and not just Cass.
  • Time Lord regeneration can be forced? And the choices given by the Sisters of Karn means they can regenerate to the opposite gender?
  • A Time Lord’s generation can age? Note that Hurt’s Doctor here is a young version (implied by the reflection in the mirror), but his character in “The Name of the Doctor” and as seen in the previews of “The Day of the Doctor” is much older.
  • Is this where the first question is born?
  • I haven’t really kept up with Eight’s adventures, so I am not sure who the people he mentioned are before he drank the regeneration potion. BBC has a “guide” of sorts here, which also lists some things that I was wondering about.
  • Seeing McGann makes me want more of him as the Doctor.

I realize that there’s a lot of missed opportunities with the Eighth Doctor. We’ll see what the next season will bring, aside from a new Doctor.