Everything is awesome with Lego

Last Monday my sister and I went to the premiere of The Lego Movie. The tickets were a prize that I won from 99.5 Play FM the week before. Inka, the DJ of the program I was listening to at the time, asked a question about what were our hidden talents. This was my answer that won me the tickets.


Because I really am quite good at looking for things.

There are so many reasons why The Lego Movie is a must watch for me. It’s not just a brand or a toy. It’s a big representation of my childhood, and it being on the big screen now is a huge deal. Many fans around the world have made movies using Lego Minifigures and sets. Lego has crossed so many different borders, with games, apparel, home supplies, other kinds of toys, video games and more. When anything or anyone has been depicted as an official Lego figure or set, consider that as immortality. Still hoping for an official Doctor Who set though.

The story is pretty simple enough. Emmett is your average, everyday guy trying his best to fit in among his colleagues and peers. He knows everyone, but apparently, no one really knows him because he fits in so well. One day, he stumbles upon an ancient relic, starting the beginning of the prophecy foretold in the beginning of the movie, making him Special in no way that anyone could’ve imagined.

The rest is just pure shenanigans. Personally, I found the story simple and pretty much predictable. What didn’t count on was… wait, spoilers.

Ok, so what I didn’t count on was the appearance of a live character in the form of Will Ferrell. This is where things began to be really interesting. Ferrell embodies the generation of kids who grew up playing Lego in the 70s and 80s, but probably didn’t get to keep most of their collection as the years passed. Now they can afford to buy whatever they wish to buy, they treat their Lego as things to be displayed, not as toys. This, I’m sure, is something many adults can relate to, as I’m positive that while a lot still play with their Legos, many also put them back into protective boxes.

His character’s son, on the other hand, represents the kids today who play with Lego but can also represent the child the adults were way back. See, I’m getting philosophical, but you get my drift. the movie’s story inside the land of Lego was awesome and fantastic, but the appearance of Ferrell and his character’s son jolted reality back. While I was amused by it, I was disappointed somewhat because it brought in the idea that everything was happening in just the child’s imagination.

But then, that’s what Lego is about right? We played with it, tapping into our imaginations by creating stories and scenarios with our playsets and figures. We diligently followed instructions on how to build the models, but at the same time used our imaginations to build our own ships and vehicles and cars. We could definitely relate to it, and for me, that was a huge reason why the movie was so awesome.
And the fact that there were a lot of Minifigs that made an appearance it was hard not to squeal every time I recognize any one of them. Plus Batman. Don’t forget Batman.

Recommended watch? Most definitely.

Oh, and guess who got another stroke of luck that day? I won the raffle before the screening.