International Tabletop Day 2014 at the Appraisery

My mom and her siblings love playing board games and they had a collection of the classic games when they were growing up. Clue, Sorry, Monopoly, Scrabble, Boggle, Snakes and Ladders, and even the local titles like Millionaire’s Game. This love was transferred to me, my siblings and cousins, and we try to play whenever we get together (a rare opportunity these days, sadly).

Games like these are referred to as tabletop games, because, well, you need a table to play them (with a few exceptions). These include the pen and paper RPGs my friends loved to play back in college, as well as the card games like Magic and L5R.

Last Saturday, April 5, was the International Tabletop Day. What’s it about? As seen on the site the link above leads to:

On April 5th, 2014, we ask you to go to your favorite local game store, coffee shop, library, community center, or host a game day at your home and play more games.

My classmate Joscar is one of the proprietors of Meeple Power Games which has its HQ at the Appraisery in Cubao X. They were hosting a day long event for Tabletop Day, and he invited the rest of the class along. I invited some friends too, but only Drew was able to come.


From 2 PM til midnight, we played as many games as we could. Points were given to winners, people who brought games, people who taught others how to play games and people who were voted “favorite player” by the people they played with. It was wild. Everyone was more than enthusiastic about the games they played, and I don’t think anyone was bored. New games were learned, new friends made and a festive mood prevailed.


Some of the games I got to play were: Dix It (officially my favorite game), Citadels, Walk the Plank, Cash and Guns, Bang the Dice and Werwolves of Miller’s Hollow. Noteable games include Spartacus, Guildhall, Resistance: Avalon and Betrayal of the House on the Hill. There was also a Firefly game (which looked very new) and Smashup (which I haven’t really learned how to play).





Photo by John Paul Matias.

Here’s the rest of the photos.

You can drop by the Appraisery for more games even if it’s not Tabletop Day. Food’s great and affordable, and there’s plenty of drinks to choose from. I suggest Kumbayah for that lovely, layered coffee goodness.

Congrats to the guys of MPG and the Appraisery for a successful Tabletop Day. Til next year!

The Appraisery
#61 (62-A) General Romulo Ave. Cubao Expo, Araneta Center, QC