Jars of Clay and Gungor Manila 2014

The eve of my birthday was full of fun, great music and positive vibes. Shabby and I were back in Bonifacio High Street for Jars of Clay, who the people of Church Simplified brought back for this year’s Walkway. Gungor is with them this year.

The concert started off with the talented Church Simplied band, whetting the crowd’s musical appetites with upbeat and positive tunes.

Gungor was a revelation. I’ve been living under a rock so I haven’t really heard their music, but I was blown away by their performance. Michael Gungor, lead vocalist and for whom the band was named, said that they don’t believe in genres, and it shows. In their hour-long performance I’ve heard them do rock, country, blues, jazz and even some sort of dubstep mix.

Shabby and I were trying to figure out who he sounded like. I thought Chris Martin of Coldplay, but in most songs he sounded like Dave Matthews.

I enjoyed all their songs, and according to Michael it was a different sort because Lisa, his wife and music partner was back home (pregnant and ready to give birth soon. Wishing you the best!).

Favorite songs: I Am Mountain, Let It Go



Michael shared the story of how the band wanted to go to Intramuros. He took a cab, and everyone else walked. Props to them. Even I wouldn’t dare do that in this heat. Makes for a pretty fun story though. I hope they’ll tell more details.

“I Am Mountain”


I don’t need to say anything much about Jars of Clay. I love this band, I love these guys and it was a treat to see them again, on the eve of my birthday to boot. During soundcheck, Stephen sang a part of “Always Something There to Remind Me” which was pretty amazing. I half expected them to play it whole just for kicks.



During “Worlds Apart”, Matt Nelson injected a snippet of “Careless Whisper” during his cello solo.

Stephen Mason, Jake Goss, Charlie Lowell, Dan Haseltine, Matt Nelson, Matt Odmark

Here’s the whole album: Jars of Clay and Gungor in Manila

After the show, we hung around in hopes of getting to meet the guys. Unfortunately, only a select few got that privilege. However, their drummer Jake Goss stepped out from backstage and we were able to talk to him for a bit, and hand him the dried mangoes we promised to give. Jake’s sweet, and gamely posted for photos with some of the people. I’m kicking myself now why I didn’t grab that chance haha.

Overjoyed, After the Fight (with Stephen saying “For Manny!”)
Carry Me (Dead Man)
Loneliness and Alcohol
Fall Asleep
Fade to Grey
Like a Child
Love Song for a Savior
Age of Immature Mistakes
Worlds Apart
Tea and Symphathy
(Not sure if I missed anything)

Grateful for another chance to see these guys up close, and the opportunity of discovering new music. Til next year!