[Book Review] Finding Mr. Write by Adelaide Penne

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Finding Mr. Write by Adelaide Penne

Finding Mr. Write

Sometimes the best things come from the past…

Marcia Pelaez has it all: the curves, great friends, a successful career, and a loving boyfriend.
Or so she thought. After getting dumped by her boyfriend of three years, her best friends set her
up with blind dates from hell…until she meets Mystery Guy Number Three.

Clark has finally gotten everything he worked so hard to achieve: money and a successful
career. But he has never forgotten the woman who had stolen his heart eleven years ago. And
now that he finally has the chance to win back the feisty and independent Marcia, he’s willing to
pull out all the stops.

In a battle of wits, and between the sheets, will they both finally triumph and find a love that could
last forever?

I first thought that the main female protagonist (MFP) of this story was a writer and who was looking for her Mr. Write because, y’know, she was Miss Write. Play on words and all that. Imagine my surprise when I found that it was the guy who was a writer, and of erotica to boot. Not an unusual occurrence, but still pretty surprising.

I like that Marcia was portrayed as a strong, intelligent woman who doesn’t take any bullshit from people, both in her personal life and at work. At the same time, she’s still human and has a vulnerable side that she tries hard to cover.

Her friends rally around her, and that’s something all women can relate to. But my favorite character, if only for just one line, is Yaya Belen. I’m sure that at one point in our lives, we’ve had someone like her: One who isn’t a blood relation but cares for you like you were. Her “Stay the night!” comment had me laughing. It also reminded me of Mulan’s grandmother who said, “Would you like to stay forever?”

While the dialogue can be stilted at some parts, the story flows well and readers are able to feel the tension between Marcia and Clark. It wasn’t just the chemistry between them, but also the part that cause the hurt that exists between them.

Another favorite part (and to this, I throw out the SPOILER warning) are the “When pigs fly”. Clark’s way of proving to Marcia that his feelings for her were genuine were sweet and funny all at once. Some seem a bit fantastical, but hey, that’s where the kilig factor comes from right? Seeing him slowly break her defenses down is a thrilling ride, one readers will certainly enjoy.

And the steamy part? Make sure you have a nice, cold drink handy or have the airconditioning cranked up. Whatever the writers of the Steam Reads class were eating or drinking when writing this, worked.

Again, my main beef with the ebook is not the story itself, but rather the formatting of the file. It’s
a little difficult to read a digital book if you don’t know where the breaks are within the chapter. Everything becomes one big paragraph. Other than that, I’d recommend this book for a quick read.

If Ms. Adelaide would like to write the stories Clark said he wrote, I wouldn’t complain.