10 Reasons Why NexCon Rocked: Part 1

It’s been a while since there has been an event dedicated specifically to sci-fi and fantasy. There are a lot of cons happening yearly around the Metro, but anime usually dominates over other fandoms. There was New Worlds a few years back, but nothing in recent history.

That is, until NexCon. Held last Saturday, May 31 and Sunday, June 1, it was a gathering of fans of sci-fi and fantasy, be it a TV show, books, video games, name it and they were there. The Bayanihan Center was home to these geeks for the weekend, and boy, was it ever crazy.

10. No crowds
I’ve long stopped attending local cons on a regular basis because of the crowds that overwhelm me every time. I usually go there to look for merchandise, but leave as soon as I got what I wanted. Most cons here are anime-centric, and while I was an anime geek from waaaaay back, I haven’t been keeping up with the new stuff these days.

NexCon was a refreshing change of pace. Aside from being able to recognize plenty of characters, it was a place where my favorite TV series was able to make an impact. There were a lot of people, but there’s still plenty of space to move around. The numbers may not have been the same as that of past cons, but still very respectable.

9. A place for everything
I like that the Bayanihan center has different halls and rooms. Merchandise and exhibitors were located in one hall, while panels and other events were located in their respective rooms. There was even space for cosplayers to place their baggage (a fact that was made known to us after the event haha).

8. NexCon Rocks
Did you stay til the end of day 2 and went to the concert featuring Stereodeal, Peso Movement and Paranoid City? We partied to amazing music, danced and pretty much celebrated our geekdom.


Peso Movement.
Peso Movement

Paranoid City

7. Droids, Stormtroopers, oh my.
Star Wars fans will marvel at the presence of the 501st Legion. A life-sized replica of R2D2 was present on both days, while C3P0 was around during the second.


6. TARDIS and Dalek
Two icons that any self-respecting Whovian will recognize. Roberto Wong’s Dalek has been making rounds since October of 2013, and is always a welcome sight in events. Adrian Arcega, one of the guys behind NexCon, had a TARDIS built. While it was still missing a few parts, it was enough for the Whovians, who rushed to it “like moths to a flame.” Even those who didn’t know what it was couldn’t help but flock to it for a photo. I mean, really. How can you resist?

I see the reflection of the Tenth Doctor.


Continued in 10 Reasons Why NexCon Rocked: Part 2

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