10 Reasons Why NexCon Rocked: Part 2

Continued from 10 Reasons Why NexCon Rocked: Part 1

5. The awesome panels
Most cons here are about the merchandise, cosplay and stage events. It’s only in book or comic related cons do I get to see any panels. NexCon had three of them, and each one was something worth attending. I managed to go to the Komiks Reborn and Cinema Fantastica. I know a lot of people were hoping to see foreign guests (actors particularly), but the NexCon panels were jampacked with Filipino greats in the field of comics, movies, and literature.



4. Geekfight
Geek trivia game amped to the higher level! Fellow Whovians made a group of six and named it “Gallifrey Stands” (represent, Torchwood Manila as well). We didn’t win, but it was a respectable finish all the same. It was also their 5th anniversary, so the game was pretty intense. Lots of laughter and shenanigans, and thankfully I don’t have to turn in my geek card.




Fun moment (and Whovians will get this): Someone would yell, “Gallifrey stands!” and people would reply, “No more!”

3. Cosplay
How can any con be complete without cosplay? We had Doctors, Jedis, Stormtroopers, Justice League, Macross, Pacific Rim, Game of Thrones and the Ghostbusters Philippine Division. Even Hayao Miyazaki was represnted with Porco Rosso! Jin Joson and Miguel Mercado of Team Tuxedo were the guest judges for the Cosplay Rumble.

Ghostbusters, Philippines Division


Porco Rosso.IMG_7723

Funny though. On day 1, my fellow Femme Doctors and I joined the Cosplay Masquerade on the belief that all we had to do was stand around and be, er, judged. Little did we know that finalists still had to go onstage for final judging. I was one of the finalists, as were Femme Eleven (Mar) and Femme Five (Karen). Did I mention we also had a really cute kiddie Dalek?

2. The Whovian community
While NexCon celebrates everything fantasy and sci-fi, the local Whovian community certainly has made itself known. People who haven’t heard of Doctor Who certainly got more than their fair share of exposure. Backstage, several Doctors were able to tell curious Jedis and Vulcans what the show is about. We had Dalek fights, mob dances, and video shoots. We had bananas and We even got to carry Adrian and throw him in the air a few times. We had cosplayers, a TARDIS, a Dalek, a crafting circle and then we have…

Getting ready for our "dance".


Whovians know how to party.

1. These ladies
The idea of a Rule 63 Doctor Who was born (at least, from my POV) early this year when some members of the group mentioned that they wanted to cosplay and do a photoshoot. It evolved and eventually, the ladies got talking about who wanted to cosplay who. It was probably the most uncoordinated group cosplay ever, but we nearly pulled it off. Nearly, because we had two missing members, but for a first try, I don’t think we did too badly.

(Almost) All thirteen!
Femmes One, Two, Three, Four, Five, Seven, Eight, Nine, Ten, Meta-Ten, Eleven and Twelve.

Cosplay Masquerade finalists

FemDoctors and the TARDIS.
Can’t have enough of that scarf

We also had guys as Two, Three, Four, and Eight. Our usual Eleven was cosplaying as Rule 63 Susan Foreman (renamed Stewart), and Ten was doing his NexCon duties in regular clothes. Ten was around for Day 2, though, as were Four and Eight again.


There’s still so much left to say about NexCon, but I’ll let the pictures speak for themselves. I had so much fun, I made new friends and I’ve grown to love this fandom even more. I would love to see more panels, and more representatives of other sci-fi and fantasy fandoms, not just the ones from Western countries but more from the Philippines and from all over the world.

Still, NexCon didn’t fail in its goal. I can’t wait for the next one.

P.S. Adrian confirmed that Reggie Lee was supposed to be one of the guests, but had to back out due to work commitments. This happened over Twitter the other day, so there’s much to look forward to.

 photo Picture3_zpsff2ce098.png

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