Support Local This Christmas

I found this over on Facebook and thought it was a nice idea.

Pasko na naman!

For those who are going to buy Christmas presents, here’s a suggestion: Buy gifts from small businesses, the neighbor who sells from the catalogue, women and mother entrepreneurs, artisans, shops in the neighborhood, the baker who makes handmade sweets and eat in a diner that serves great food. Let the money reach ordinary people so that there will be more people who will have a better Christmas. Let us support our people! If you think it’s a good idea, copy and paste this on your wall. ☺️🎄 #supportlokal

I added this bit when I reposted: Friends, if you have a business/product/service, feel free to post links to you site/page/ social media account in the comments. Post is public so you can share it.

Here’s the businesses in the comments. I’ll be editing this post as more get added. Feel free to let me know if you have something to add.

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  1. Thanks to Instagram, I’ve discovered a lot of great local brands!

    Some of my faves for food are Perfect Mushroom (their mushroom chili is so good), House of Bao, Earth Desserts, Calaboo.

    For non-food, there’s Hammock Republic, Go Zero PH, Sinaya Cup, Wanderskye,

    I love how the Internet is giving way for us to discover these amazing, locally made products!

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