Hello 2013

My favorite new year greetings from one of my favorite people in the world, Neil Gaiman. I did this just today. I hope you like it. Here’s to 2013. 2012 was a very bumpy ride, and it wasn’t exactly the best. But I believe that it was meant to happen for a reason, and that […]

Thirty One

Thank you for another year. Thank you for letting me finish my first marathon today, and that I ended it with my body still whole. Thank you for giving me my great family: Parents who tirelessly support & love me, siblings who keep me grounded, cousins and aunts and uncles who remain the best friends […]

Last day

Today is the last day I can say that I’m in my late twenties when someone asks for my age. Tomorrow, I shall join the ranks of the thirty and thirty-somethings. They say thirty is the new twenty. Like it’s when you start to be more mature and adult. Um… I’ll have to see it […]