Cafe Shibuya: No Ordinary Toast

My sister asked me to accompany her while she ran some errands. After paying some bills, we headed to National Bookstore in Katipunan so she can buy some pens. There were some specific pens that she was looking for, so we had to go there. Afterwards, we decided to check out the newly opened U.P. […]

Hot soup on a warm day

As the hot summer sun beams down on the metro, I suddenly had the yen for some shabu-shabu. Perhaps it was the arctic chill of the office air-conditioner that had me looking for something to keep me warm, short of a blanket or the arms of my latest crush around me. I had the following […]

The Macaron Search

A few months back, I wrote about the macarons my best friend brought for me from Paris. It was my first time to taste the treat and became my standard for every macaron I tasted afterwards. Macarons are widely available here in Metro Manila, and I decided to try as much of them as I […]

My macarons from France

I always thought that French macarons are the same as the coconut macaroons I learned how to make back in elementary. It wasn’t until I saw these little, colorful confections did I realize they were two different things. Despite seeing these around the metro (particularly in Bizu), I never bought any. Perhaps the per piece […]