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Doctor Who 50th Anniversary Party, Pinoy Style

The longest running British sci-fi/fantasy television show, Doctor Who, is celebrating its 50th anniversary this year. Pinoy fans of the show got together to celebrate it, and even if we couldn’t watch the show as it aired, there was enough activities to keep everyone entertained.

Joiz and I initially planned to have a small get-together with the usual suspects, as it was also her birthday week. The plans were hatched as we finished watching “The Name of the Doctor” last May, after learning when the anniversary special would be released. But we found out about this party and thought, “Why not?”

The plans to wear something for the event was hatched later on… like, a week or two before the event itself. We wanted it to be simple, but hopefully with an impact. My dress of choice: a Clockwork Droid from the episode “The Girl in the Fireplace”. Her’s was an Empty Child from the episode with the same name.

The party was a blast! We met fellow Whovians (a few of whom I’ve met before through Fiipino ReaderCon pre-event activities) and saw how big the fandom is. There were a lot of people who came in costume: three Cybermen, Miss Hartigan, Tenth Doctor, several Elevens, First Doctor, Fourth Doctor, another Empty Child, a Calvierri girl from Venice, two Weeping Angels, several companions (Sarah Jane Smith and Jamie McKrimmon), K9, the Dalek and a legion of Masters. In an odd twist, the waiters at the venue wore costumes that looked like the Oods’.



More photos here.

Just goes to show how loved this series is here in the Philippines. Note that this is only a few of the fans from Manila. Doesn’t take into account the fans from around the country. 😀

Doctor Who: The Night of the Doctor ramblings

Disclaimer: This is not meant to be a review. It’s just me, rambling.

I haven’t really seen Classic Who, so I am not familiar with some elements of this prequel. I was, however, able to catch the 1996 movie (rather cheesy, but still pretty awesome in its own way), so seeing McGann pop up as the Doctor was a pretty mind boggling moment.

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Halloween Special Part 2: Trese and Diabolical

Our original plans for Saturday was a trip to the Diabolical for the Trese exhibit and book launch. Joiz and I were hoping that the exhibit would look like an actual bar like in the comic, but alas, it was an art gallery. It still was impressive, as it showcased thirteen prints of Kajo Baldisimo’s work for Trese, as well as some of his original sketches framed. This was also Kajo’s first one-man exhibit.

The event also marked the launch of Trese: Book of Murders, a special collector’s edition of the first thirteen cases with digitally-updated artwook. The book is hardbound, and is a must-buy for Trese fans.

Joiz and Arc bought a copy and had it signed by Kajo and Budgette. I didn’t recognize Kajo because of his (lack of) hair, compared to his ‘do during Aklatan.

Congratulations on the book, Budgette and Kajo. Congrats Kajo for the exhibit!



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Halloween Special (Part 1): Doctor Who Shenanigans

Bonifacio High Street was packed last Saturday, October 26. I was expecting a crowd at Fully Booked because of the Halloween Comic Fest, but it turns out there was a trick or treat event for the kids. It seemed fitting, because I was there for one thing only.

The Dalek.


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