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Semana Santa: Memories of my grandmother

I’m not into the usual Holy Week stuff now, but it feels comforting to see traditions being passed on. Reminds me of the time when my grandmother would pull us kids to join it. Sunday now, the time when Jesus rises from the dead. The Salubong is now happening, and the procession just passed by the house.

There are two processions: One with the men and the statue of Jesus, the other with the women and the statue of Mary (which was, IMO, creepy covered up with dark cloth). They go in different directions and meet up at the town plaza.

There, a little girl dressed up as an angel is lowered from a high platform. The statue of Mary is placed directly below her, and as she descends, she’ll take the cloth off Mary. Her mourning is now over as she sees her son alive.

When I was a kid, my grandma would wake us up to see it pass by our house, then we’d go back to bed. Only once did I recall actually joining it with her. She woke us up early, then we waited for the women’s procession to pass by. My brothers, young as they were, joined us.

I realise that the length of time my grandma is gone is almost as long as I’ve had her. Her influence is still strong though. Miss her terribly at times like these.

LSGH Airforce in the SSDB 9 Finals

Spent most of the later half of Sunday afternoon with my siblings and cousins. Our cousin Alfonso is part of La Salle Greenhills’ Airfoce dance crew and they were vying for a position in the finals round of the Skechers Streetdance Battle.

LSGH Airforce took home the championship last year, a feat I was able to witness. I don’t think I was as proud as my uncle and aunt of my cousin’s achievement, but I that was one proud cousin moment right there.

The second round of this year’s eliminations was held as SM San Lazaro. Why there, I have no idea, but a lot of the contestants were not happy with the location choice (it was too far for most of them and it wasn’t big enough to accommodate both participants and those who wanted to watch), but they made do. We waited almost three hours before the program started, and waited another hour or so before LSGH took the stage.

There were seventeen high schools in this round, among of which were past finalists and strong contenders including Ateneo de Manila High School, Xavier, Miriam College and St. Paul Manila. They, along with LSGH, made it to the top five. It was a tense moment for us as we waited for the announcement of the five finalists, who’ll join the other five finalists previously determined in round one.

The Skechers Streetdance Battle will be held this November 23 at the SM MoA Arena. Go LSGH Airforce!

Weekend fun with friends, food and Iron Man 3

Unwittingly ate mostly Japanese food and Max’s over the weekend. Had a blast, even though my wallet’s pretty much empty for now.

Just the Girls
Friday night I met up with Shabby and Joiz for an event with Max’s. usually we get invites if they have a new product or promo, but to our surprise it was just a simple get-together (because some folks apparently were clamoring for one. I guess they missed the freebies? /sarcasm). As it is when I’m with these girls we got a few minutes of attention when we arrived an hour late and they had to set a special table for us. Then next they called me and Jo up on front because we had our birthdays a few weeks ago. We got cake!

Surprise cake from Max's!

Saturday I met with Shabby and Drew and may sister joined us. We were heading out to watch Iron Man and to shop. The lines for Iron Man was crazy, but thanks to Shabby we got to use the express lane. Unfortunately, the cinemas were all but filled, and the ones with seats only had them in separate rows. We ended up getting them anyway, and Drew had to back out because he’d already seen it and there were only three seats left for the screening we wanted. Boo.

Galit-galit on IRON MAN THREE #iPhone
Photo by Shabby

Japanese Spaghetti
That aside, we went ahead for a late lunch at Yomenya Goemon. My sister and I shared an order of Half and Half, and everyone split the cost on an order of Devil’s Pizza. Food was filling and flavorful, though it was sad that they no longer had the complimentary house tea like they had the last time we were there.

Retail Therapy
On with our shopping. First stop was Cotton On. Shabby wanted to find white tops for work, while my sister wanted to get a dress she can wear on her oathtaking ceremonies. I wasn’t expecting to get anything, but I found a nice shirt dress that was half the price of the one I wanted in Mango (which I still want).

We weren’t long in the shop. At most we probably spent less than an hour there, which included the fitting and the photobooth session. Drew had to deal with it, and I must say he was rather patient about it. Reward: cotton candy.

Iron Man 3
It was a hilarious way to watch a movie. I sat on the front row, while Shabby and my sis sat in different seats. The funny thing was the people who purchased the seat next to me never showed up, so my companions could’ve moved to those seats at any time. Oh well.

Not to risk spoilers, but I enjoyed Iron Man 3. My sister said it was ok to watch even if you haven’t seen the first two, as it’s pretty much independent (storywise) from the previous ones. There’s the trademark humor of RDJ (it’s not really much of Tony, as it’s also present in his Sherlock Holmes movies), and kick-ass special effects and of course, all those Iron Man suits. I had tears in my eyes during that part.

Must watch? Yes. Rewatch? Definitely!

Sunday was another fun day, but I’ll have to make a separate post for that.

Memories and a history lesson

My grandfather had a box of old photos in his cabinet, which we unearthed when we were painting his room. It was a mix of his family’s photos, my grandmother’s family’s photos, my dad’s childhood and high school photos. I even saw my godfathers’ graduation photos. Hilarious, but also very sentimental.

There was an album among the photos, just a small one that held a few photos inside. Opening it, my mom said it was my Lola’s older sister, Lola Aurora. She was rather young, and was wearing black. As we went through it, Mama said it was most likely ceremonies for Lola Aurora’s husband, Lolo Condring. He was Captain Condrado Yap, who fought in the Korean War and was killed in action during the Battle of the Yultong Bridge.
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Unearthed from the baul: Child’s yukata

When I was five or six years old, a friend of my parents came to visit. His name is Mark, and he was an English teacher in Japan. I have no idea how my parents knew him. He stayed with us for a few days, and the strongest memory I have of him was as a tall, thin Caucasian guy with slightly thinning hair. Once, he wore a white shirt and a dark vest, and cheekily, I told him that he looked like a waiter.

He was nice though, and he gave gifts to my brother and I. He gave Nunik a Zoids toy, which I liked to play with because it moved. He also gave our caretaker, Ate Huling, a box of Hershey’s Kisses. To me, he gave this.

It was a child-sized yukata. I can’t remember if it came with anything else, but my mom remembers something like a pillow (I tell her now that it probably was a ribbon, not a pillow, as we are wont to think because of its size). I recall wearing this only once, because it was really small for me when I got it.

The fabric is not made of regular cotton, because it feels a little brittle when I touch it. It also has a lining, unlike the yukata I have now. But the cut and the seams are the same. I am a little worried that if I do use it on my niece (it looks like it would fit her nicely), it might tear at some places.

My mom found these in the same box where my late Lola Lilay kept some of my old school uniforms. It was fun seeing it again, and I hope that I can take care of it better now.