Gratitude Post for 2017

Happy New Year! I’ll make this quick. I’m so grateful for the many blessings in 2017. Nothing major, but adding them up made for a pretty good year. Creative Ventures To start, I had the opportunities to be more involved in art. Early in 2017, a few of my office friends decided to participate in […]

Events at the Thomas Jefferson Information Center

The Thomas Jefferson Information Center of the US Embassy will be conducting a series of lectures starting this July 31. Below is a list of the topics, dates and speakers. If interested, send me an email katrines @ Or you can sign up for the lectures here “Library Outreach Activities: Preservation of the Environment […]

First Impressions: MLIS

I’m done with the first days of my classes. Course outlines have been handed out, and reporting duties have been assigned. In all of my classes, my reports won’t be until September. Right now I’m feeling pretty mellow, but I know that once August rolls in I’ll be in a rush. So I should start […]