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Gratitude Post for 2017

Happy New Year!

I’ll make this quick. I’m so grateful for the many blessings in 2017. Nothing major, but adding them up made for a pretty good year.

Creative Ventures

To start, I had the opportunities to be more involved in art. Early in 2017, a few of my office friends decided to participate in bazaars to sell stickers. I jumped in, made a few simple designs, and was pleasantly surprised that there were a good many people who liked it. We’ve been doing it for a year now, establishing Kamote PH. I’m looking to expanding it further this year.

I also painted some notebooks for Jamilton in Fully Booked last April, and they all were sold. There’s also a possible revenue stream thanks to my calligraphy and lettering hobby.

Another creative venture was my writing. It’s not a secret that I’ve been joining NaNoWriMo and #romanceclass sessions, but rarely ever finishing it. Early in 2017, I submitted a story fo #SummerFeels, and in October for 12 Months of Romance, 24 Reasons to Love: A Holiday Anthology. Both were published under my pen name Kit Salazar, and I’ve had some pretty good reviews for my story.


My nephew Cooper was born on June 9, 2017 to my brother Miks and his wife Diane. He is such a charmer, and is always laughing or smiling. My brother tells me that people are always looking at him. There was a time when they went for Cooper’s checkup, and a woman there found him so cute she asked to carry him. Fast food crew would give him a balloon. Their family is in Qatar though, which means I can’t physically see Cooper move from milestone to milestone as he grows. I’m grateful that my brother and sis-in-law regular post photos and videos of little Cooper, so we see a lot of his antics. I hope to meet him really soon.

Here’s something I made towards the end of 2017. I’m grateful that I can do this: physically that my body can, that I have the skills, and I have the freedom to do.

I also got to speak in front of my colleagues about public speaking for introverts, which is a big thing for someone like me who dislikes speaking in public. It was scary, but when done, I felt so good.

Here’s to 2018! I haven’t really written down any goals, but here’s to doing more things this year.

Filipino Friday #3: Five Ways I Can Support Filipino Authors


For the 3rd week of Filipino Friday, we’re asked:

Let us know what are the Five (5) ways you can support Filipino authors? Buying their books is definitely the best way to do so, but what more can we do?

The most obvious is to buy their books, especially the indie and self-published authors. Unlike authors who don’t have a contract with publishers, they don’t get any earnings until their book is sold. I know a lot (if not most) of these authors don’t write for the money, but it’s great that we can still purchase it. Believe me, seeing that someone bought your book is such a thrill, and even if that’s just $0.99.

Spread the word! I find that the best way to get other to purchase and read a book is to talk about it. While authors do their thing for publicity, as a reader you can do your part. Some people may not want to pick up a book because of its cover, or its genre, but if they hear you talk about it (why you liked it, you know the author, or for whatever reason) there’s a bigger chance that they’ll buy it and read it.

Give it as a gift. Buying a copy of a local author’s book and giving it as a gift helps create awareness about it. You can give it to anyone, be it an ebook copy or a physical copy.

Join and host giveaways! A lot of giveaway mechanics have people follow social media accounts of authors, and one share equals to one entry. While it may sound a bit trite, it’s pretty effective. When you share the link to the giveaway, there’s a hug chance that people who follow you will be curious. That’s already one extra person who’ll know about it.

Attend events. While authors love it when you buy their books, they love it even more when they get to meet you. So if the author says he or she will be at this event for a talk or a book signing, go (schedule permitting, of course). You can tell them up close how much you enjoyed their work. From the writer’s POV, it’s really cool when you get to talk to someone who has read your work. They’re appreciative of you, and they feel a humble pride that someone has read and liked their book.

If you enjoyed reading the book, tell others about it.

Events at the Thomas Jefferson Information Center

The Thomas Jefferson Information Center of the US Embassy will be conducting a series of lectures starting this July 31. Below is a list of the topics, dates and speakers.

If interested, send me an email katrines @ Or you can sign up for the lectures here

“Library Outreach Activities: Preservation of the Environment through Libraries”
July 31, 10am- Dhobie De Guzman
ABS CBN TV Patrol Northern Luzon News Head / Anchor. He strongly supports young alumni volunteer projects which he features on television. He initiated a project called “green-library” in a barrio in Baguio
NOTE: Please confirm your attendance by July 25, 2013! Thanks.

“Clark International Airport and Its Role in the Tourism Development of Central Luzon”
August 1, 10 am- Darwin Cunanan
Vice President for Commercial and Business Development Group, Clark International Airport Corporation

“Climate Change and Renewable Energy”
August 5, 10 am- Lawrence Benedict Ang
Climate Change Program Manager (Consultant), ENERGY DEVELOPMENT CORPORATION
Related to the July 31 lecture

“Cultural Preservation”
August 6, 2pm Ivan Anthony Henares,
President, The Heritage Conservation Society (HCS)

“Preservation and Promotion of the Mangyan Syllabic Script and Poetry” – an embassy funded project
August 22, 2 pm Quint Fansler
President, Mangyan Heritage Center

“Societies in Transition/ Peace Corps & Volunteerism”
Sep. 27, 10am- Gerald Puguon (volunteerism)
Administrator, Julia Campbell Agro-forest Memorial Park
(Note: The park is dedicated in memory of Julia Campbell who was a Peace Corps Volunteer who was killed in that area)

>”October: Corporate Social Responsibility/ Business Give Back”
Carina Agarao (IVP)
Asst. Vice President for Corporate Affairs
Jollibee Foods Corporation

Joe Mark “Matt” Pardiñas (Tagaytay Seminar)
Marketing & Corporate Relations Manager
Rags 2 Riches

“Access to Education/ Open Doors: Study in the USA”

First Impressions: MLIS

I’m done with the first days of my classes. Course outlines have been handed out, and reporting duties have been assigned. In all of my classes, my reports won’t be until September. Right now I’m feeling pretty mellow, but I know that once August rolls in I’ll be in a rush. So I should start doing research now (especially for my LIS 201 class, which I am determined to ace). Continue reading